Our Pies and Pasta

All our pies and pasta are lovingly home-made, by someone who cares, from the fresh high quality ingredients.

This is our extensive range …

All our pie and pasta products are made by hand in a traditional kitchen setting.

All our products may be ordered online here – after which we will promptly send you an order and delivery confirmation e-mail. Alternatively, just send us an e-mail or a WhatsApp (0813 1094 4496 – WhatsApp only!) with your requirements – we quickly get to know your preferences for delivery etc. and record it carefully so as to minimise the work you have to do after your first order at least!

All our pies and ready meal raviolis are provided to you individually wrapped and sealed and, at your choice, either chilled or frozen. All our products are made with sparing use of salt and to a lesser extent black pepper so you may very well have to add these to taste.

More details on the storage, defrosting and warming of our pies are in our Good Pie Guide.

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