Porkies Bali Products

Santi’s Premium Pies is proud to have been appointed Jakarta agent for the famous “Porkies Bali” – and to be able offer them at prices identical to those available to their own customers in Bali!!

We offer same day delivery, by Gojek at cost, from our own stocks of a choice range of Porkies Bali products, and this to all of Jakarta and its surrounding areas. Below you will see our current offerings from the Porkies Bali range.

If you are ordering just our Porkies Bali products then can order from our website here, WhatsApp us on 0813 1094 4496 or e-mail us on santispremiumpies@gmail.com.

If you wish to order a mix of our Porkies Bali products and our pies or pasta products then please order from here. WhatsApp and e-mail are also good in this case.

The full range of Porkies Bali products can be found here. Should you want something that is not in our own range of products then just let us know and we can arrange though please be aware that delivery will take somewhere between 5 and 10 days.

We hope you will love the taste and quality of our Porkies Bali products!