Good Pie Guide

First of all please note that all our pies are delivered already baked and frozen by default. If for whatever reason you want them delivered at fridge temperature for immediate consumption then we can simply defrost them for you.

Now some tips from Santi for making sure her pies arrive on your plate in tip-top condition.


All pies go best with a little gravy – ladies, you know what to do! If however you generally wear long trousers then we strongly suggest you get a simple gravy powder mix when you just add water, stir and simmer for a minute!!


Put in your freezer immediately upon receipt. Once taken out of the freezer can be kept for up to 4 days (2 days for fruit pies) before consumption so long as refrigerated. Do not refreeze once thawed. “Best before date” can be found at the bottom of packaging.


De-frosting naturally from the freezer at (Jakarta) room temperature is generally achieved in 1-2 hours. De-frosting time in the microwave is a variable according to the manufacturer and model, but is typically 2-4 minutes on your unit’s de-frosting setting.


Most prefer our pies hot but a significant minority also enjoy them at room temperature, especially our pork pies which the English prefer at (English) room temperature – and served with HP Sauce!

Heating from a defrosted condition can be done in one of four ways that we are aware of:

Microwave – most models of microwave will do the job in 4-5 minutes. This softens the pie crust but most people are perfectly happy with this, especially as the heating time is so short.

Sandwich oven – available from the likes of Ace hardware from around 400,000 rupiah, these useful little things will bring the pie to the perfect temperature in around 10-12 minutes. Again this softens the pastry but not as much as microwaving.

Oven – Using the traditional oven is the way to achieve “pie perfection” including retaining the crust’s condition – but it takes much longer, needing the defrosted pie to be put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees centigrade for 20-25 minutes, depending upon your oven. To make the pie base crustier then put the pie upside down in the oven. Adding ten minutes to the oven time for frozen pies works – and without any significant reduction in quality.

Air Fryer – a relatively new thing and one we have tried with success ourselves, and indeed comes highly recommended by several of our customers, who maintain that they get a perfect pie, without softening, in around 20 minutes. A little on the pricey side but even available in Jakarta now from Lazada. Highly recommended if you don’t have an oven.

Please remember that pies MUST be removed from any packaging (ie box/aluminium foil tray/vacuum packing plastic) before warming in any fashion.

Please follow this guidance and enjoy my pies at their very best! …. Santi xxx

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