Ordering is as simple as sending us an e-mail telling us what you would like as regards pie flavours (eg Beef Rendang , Chicken & Mushroom, Steak Pie etc), and how many of each; we assume standard sizes if you say nothing.

If you are comfortable with web-based ordering then you may prefer to complete the form below instead, a form in which up to five of our pie products can be ordered at once.

If it is your first order then you will of course have to tell us where you live so that we can deliver.

We will quickly confirm your order and delivery arrangements by e-mail.

4 thoughts on “Ordering

  1. I would also like steak mince and cheese if available and other variants like lamb and rosemary would be nice, there are others in town make similar now.

    1. Hi Sally, a fruit pie or pies has long been on our mind but yet to come to fruition (sic) 😦

      We have spent the last three weeks frantically working – and are now on the verge of announcing a wave of updates to our existing range and adding three amazing new pies and maybe a couple of pasties. It will take us a little while to consolidate these in terms of both production and storage capacity.

      After that, I guess early March, we will turn our attention to fruit pies, something which nicely coincides with a course on the subject to be given by our major baking supplies provider. I am Indonesian of course and there is not much interest from Indonesians in fruit pies and my experience in them is limited to date – but I am hoping to change all of that!

      Thank you Sally for your interest in our products, it is much appreciated and I hope to have informed you sufficiently.

      Santi xxx

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