Online orderingOrdering is as simple as sending us an e-mail telling us what you would like (eg Aussie Meat Pie, Beef Rendang , Chicken & Mushroom, Cottage Pie, Steak Pie etc), and how many of each of course.

You can also now order via WhatsApp to our business account – 0813 1094 4496

If however you are comfortable with web-based ordering then you will probably prefer to complete the form below instead, a form that allows you to order almost all of our products. If you include minis then please tell us at the bottom of the form.

Orders with a pre-discount or special offer value of Rp. 400,000 or more have a delivery charge of 15,000 where delivery is to any of the the popular expat residential areas of Jakarta – otherwise at cost.

There is no minimum order size if you pick up from our place in Lebak Bulus.

If this is your first order then you will of course need to tell us where you live so that we can deliver.

Following receipt, we will promptly confirm order and delivery arrangements with you by e-mail……. when all that remains to do is to enjoy our products – Selamat makan!! …. Santi xxx


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