It’s good to have friends

Our pies can be delicious just on their own, either cold or hot from the oven. In our view, however, pies are at their very best when they have “friends” to go with them! In order of importance as we see it (though opinions here vary as with most things) a pie’s best friends are as follows:


gravyWhile all our pies come with a delicious gravy inside, more on top makes for the complete treat.

The variety of gravy recipes on the web is staggering but we find simple is best – and you might get your maid to try this one out if you have no aspirations to acquire culinary skills!

And remember that many stores now carry a simple gravy mix requiring you to do no more that add water, mix and simmer for a minute. Bisto or similar stock cubes can be your friend too.

Mashed Potato

mashed potatoesMashed potato to pies is like Messi is to football;  it is still a pie without it,  just not quite in the same class.

There are endless recipes of every flavour and form on the web but we like to keep it simple and classic. This one from Australia works especially well and is within the capability of any competent “helper” here.

Chips (French Fries)

chipsEverybody knows chips are great with anything, and our pies are certainly no exception to the rule.

And everybody knows how to make them, right? Well, no actually, there is an art to great chips, here is how to make ’em right.

And don’t forget the gravy on top, but you Brits should forget the vinegar when serving them with a pie!

HP Sauce

HP SauceIf you like your pie a little spicier, then readily available these days in Kem Chicks, Ranch Market and even some branches of Hero and Giant, a splash of HP sauce on our meat pies just adds to a great experience.

Some just love to add one (or more!) of tomato sauce, sambal of course, mustard, horse-radish and others besides, but our preference is for HP Sauce; there is surely nothing more British to go with a pie – and this despite HP being made in the Netherlands these days!

For the Aussies Meat Pies, however, you will of course have to take them with tomato sauce, especially if you are Aussie!


broccoliAny veggie you are fond of works; we particularly like peas, boiled cabbage, carrots or broccoli as an accompaniment.

Not only healthy and full of vitamins but delicious too – when you have the time.

Once again, gravy on top!

Ice cream

cherry pieFor our fruit pies, Apple, Apple Crumble and Cherry Cherry Crumble, we highly recommend serving hot – with ice cream to go with them, any flavour will do but we find just plain old vanilla is the perfect accompaniment to the richness of the pies themselves without complicating the cherry taste. And many tell us that custard works too!

Enjoy your pie with “friends” !!!

Santi xxx

1 thought on “It’s good to have friends

  1. The recipe for chips is spot on, but here’s a tip that makes them much better: if you can find rendered duck fat, use half of the oil and half of the duck fat melted in the oil. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

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