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We have moved!!

Yes, we have moved to new premises fit for the 21st century!!

If you are comfortable with the old site then please feel free to use our ordering page here.

Happy 5th Birthday – to us!!

Yes, 1st May 2014, some 5 years ago, saw us enter the market for Expat comfort food in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, initially with a small range of just 5 very traditional and mostly English pies.

Since then our range of pies has been expanded to 18 flavours, from our roots in those traditional meat pies to our popular Asian fusion pies, on to those steady sellers our 5 fruit pie flavours and thence to our delicious Ready to Microwave raviolis. The recent addition of a small range of bacon and sausage products from Porkies Bali has served to increase our coverage of the comfort foods most prized by expatriates and we expect to finally round out our range this year with sausage rolls, curry puffs and home-made chips (crisps.) Watch this space!

We look forward to continue serving our customers by offering our range of quality products at very fair prices. Thank you to all of our customers for their support over the last 5 years, we look forward to continuing to serve you over the next 5 years – and longer.

Best regards from Santi and the (very small) team at Santi’s Premium Pies!!

Porkies Bali agency

Yes, Santi’s Premium Pies is proud to have been appointed Jakarta agent for the famous “Porkies Bali” – and at prices identical to those available to their own customers in Bali!! We offer same day delivery by Gojek from our own stocks of a range of Porkies Bali products to all of Jakarta and surrounding areas. These are our current offerings.

You can order any of these products by sending us an e-mail, WhatsApping us at
0813 1094 4496  or adding your requirement in our usual order form.

Pies get a bad wrap!!

An increasingly health conscious world has, amongst other things, led to a demand to know exactly what is in what we eat!

In general, pies get a bad rap but, as you may see from the table below, are perfectly capable of forming part of a healthy, balanced diet.

typical values

As a tiny enterprise the above figures have necessarily been derived from professionally measured values for close analogues to our own pies, ie short crust base, fully filled, puff pastry topping and around 260g in weight.

I hope this information is of value to you …. Santi xxx

Foiled again

aluminium-foil-food-trayOne of the small irritations of life here at Premium Pie Towers is securing supplies of the humble aluminium foil trays in which you will find every one of our regular pies.

While I immediately swoop up all that I find. hardly a month goes by without stocks reaching crisis levels – and a couple of weeks ago we even had to stop production for two days for the want of them .

Yesterday, and with the kitchen once again on the point of idling, I was delighted to find 500 of the trays in Mayestik Market and had them at the check out counter within seconds so continued supplies are assured for a couple of weeks anyway. I was rather less joyful to find that the price was 1,200 rupah apiece, a 20% increase over the last six months 😦

While the core inflation rate for Indonesia has been above 8% at times, the price of everything that goes into our pies has been increasing rather more quickly and after 9 months, yes you guessed it, we are having to increase the price of our pies by 2,500 across the board to at least partially cover this. Only slightly better news is that the prices will only go up next week, not this. The revised prices effective from 1st June are here – old prices for orders received before then of course. We will hold these prices firm for the rest of the year unless KRISMON 2 makes an appearance.

Our claim is to provide great pies at a reasonable price and we hope and believe that even with this increase that we will continue to live up that boast.

Santi xxx

PS Much more interestingly our Curry Puffs are in the works, watch this space!!

Happy Birthday to us!!

Santi's birthdayThere are times when it seems like only yesterday, and others when it seems like we have been going forever!

Whatever the perception, the reality is that we have being providing quality pies to a mainly expatriate audience for exactly one year now.

With support from friends enthusiastic about my pies, we went about online marketing of our original English heritage pies of Steak, Steak and Kidney and Chicken and Mushroom on the first of May 2014.

In the middle of the year we introduced our Asian Fusion products of Beef Curry, Beef Rendang, and Chicken Curry to an enthusiastic reception from our growing customer base.

That customer base was mainly composed of Aussies, Brits and North Americans, in that order, so we were not entirely surprised to be pressed to produce an “Aussie Meat Pie” and we finally got that and our Guinness stock based pies into production early this year, once again to an enthusiastic reception. There is actually no such thing as “an” Aussie Meat, they vary greatly as we were to find out when researching however our take on it has been well received.

A couple of months ago, and once again in response to customer demand, we finally launched out fruit pie range of Apple, Blueberry and Cherry and they have all been selling well – and belying the notion that Expats are solely “meat eaters” 🙂

Along the way we have had tremendous support from our customers, both by their recommending us to their friends and in making suggestions for improvement of our products – the latter most noticeably in respect of a wish for a harder crust, a wish that was finally met in January with the introduction of our New Generation crust across our entire range of meat pies.

If we had a disappointment in our first year it was in our inability to produce Aussie style pasties of a consistently attractive appearance. The trials by some of our customers were a great success in regards to sheer taste, we were simply not able to make two of them look the same; we are taking a break but will return 😦

For the future we are indeed not standing still and, driven always by customer demand, we are planning to introduce a number of new products, with first in line being a Malaysian style curry puff which is currently in the works. Watch this space.

A word of thanks to the staff working in our kitchen and bringing those pies to you every day, they do a fine job, enjoy what they do – and are proud that they are bringing an Indonesian touch to the plates of so many foreigners. And not forgetting our “Rider” who managed 5 months without a day off until last week when he went down with a fever – he has done a great job of always getting the pies through in Jakarta traffic conditions that can only be described as “challenging”.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you all for your support during our first year, we would not even exist without you. We will of course have a special “1st Birthday” offer next week to offer thanks in a more material way!!

Santi xxx

Another winner, Pet!

Java sea rigDelighted to let all our lovely customers know that today we secured our first major order for the Indonesian offshore oil and gas Industry.

A fantastic business development for us of course, though there is a little sadness in that we will not have the personal contact with all those guys offshore that we enjoy with you.

It is that personal contact that has made the development of the business such fun, a business where renewing friendships and forging new ones happens every day for us.

On the bright side is the picture in our mind’s eye of those guys out there far away from their kith and kin and for whom one of our pies will shortly become a special highlight to relieve what can be a monotonous and somewhat risky working environment existence..

We will also make sure that all those guys offshore get a Santi’s Premium Pie business card so that they can enjoy our products onshore as well as offshore 🙂

Thanks to everyone for helping us make it all happen, we truly could not have done it without you, especially the dozen or so kind folks who made it their personal business to make sure that word got out to their family, friends and colleagues about the taste and quality of what we were offering. After that they were hooked and the pies took over; word of mouth is the sincerest and most effective form of advertising available, we simply do not do paid advertising and will not.

Finally, our Chicken Curry Pie is now into production and available for delivery from Monday 1st September after significant taste testing by my “Head of Taste Testing”, an important but unpaid role, though we couldn’t bring ourselves to charge him for the pies, so he’s happy. His verdict? …. another winner, Pet!

Santi xxx

PS We have received a report from one of our very best customers that he had one of his pies stolen on Saturday in a bar not a million miles away from Rasuna Said, ironically the very bar where $2,500 in an envelope was left by an absent minded customer, a customer who was grateful to have it returned by the very honest staff to be there a few hours later and after it had already long been put in the safe and labelled with the customer’s name to await his return. The message? … don’t worry too much about your money when you are out and about in Jakarta – but do keep a very close eye on your Santi’s Premium Pies