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Xmas and New Year’s Eve now a fading memory …

Sort of glad all of that is all behind us though hope that like we did, you had a good one with family and friends.

We were not entirely relaxing throughout however, and we are now up to prototype #3 for our take on the Aussie Meat Pie. It is taking longer than we had hoped and expect at least two more iterations before we get it right. As soon as we do we will let you know, in the interim please hang in there!

Though all orders got though over the holiday period, a couple of them took rather longer than we would have hoped too – our delivery service protested being swamped under by Xmas orders, rather odd for a Moslem country! That was not to explain however why they went off the screen entirely on New Year’s Eve ūüôā

While most have already settled on their favourite pies and order accordingly we wouldn’t like to deprive you of the opportunity to take advantage of our January Special Offer, something of a twist on our successful “Hot to Trot Trio” promotion of last year.

Happy to report that things are back to normal now, however, and next day delivery for orders received by 4pm re-established.

Also happy to report that we can now accept settlement via PayPal (and therefore Visa/Mastercard etc). We were encouraged to diversify our payment acceptance  methods by our delivery service no longer accepting COD unfortunately. Just let us know when you order if you would like to settle in this way.

As ever, just a reply to this e-mail is all that is needed to kick off the process of getting our pies onto your plate.

Happy New Year!

Santi xxx

Phew, what a year!!

Happy XmasIt has been an exhilarating time for us building up Santi’s Premium Pies this year, getting the pies absolutely right was fundamental of course as was slowly extending the range, but then the packaging, the web site and order administration and heaven knows what else and last, but very far from least, the deliveries, we really didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for when we started, we could write a book.

No matter, we have emerged bloodied but unbowed and stronger for the experience – and with a long list of regular customers who keep coming back for our pies, there is no greater reward for me than people loving our pies ūüôā

We are looking forward to the challenges of 2015 and, most importantly, maintaining and perhaps even improving on the all important quality of our pies – and maybe adding an exciting new flavour or two!

We are a small business and our only hope of growing as we would wish is by efficiently delivering to you the pie products that you love Рand at a fair price. Very simple, and if we have a business model, then that is it Рand with everything else springing from it.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us so generously during the year, not least by recommending us to friends – we hope you have had as much fun as us – and that you and yours have a really Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Santi xxx

5,000th Pie Special offer

Today marks the first dipping of our toes into Facebook marketing, with this advert hitting 10,000+ Facebook accounts in the Greater Jakarta area. We really like the rather retro look, only time will tell what others make of it, wish us luck! ….

As you see this offer coincides with the baking of our 5,000th pie which came out of the big oven on Thursday. Rather fittingly it was a beef curry pie, our current #1 best seller and was declared “wonderful” shortly afterwards by our unpaid chief tester; not too surprising we guess as the beef curry¬†is his personal favourite.

While the offer is primarily intended to attract new customers we wouldn’t want regulars to miss out, so just go here to take advantage ūüôā ¬†….Santi xxx

Flyer #3

An exciting 3 weeks

All, it has been an exciting 3 weeks for us since last we updated our blog

The reaction to our Hot to Trot Trio special offer has been amazing with many new customers joining us and, more importantly, being delighted with the Beef Curry, Beef Rendang and Chicken Curry offering that we put together, with two of them even sending us photos with accompanying messages telling us just how much they enjoyed them ūüôā

While expatriates continue to be our core demographic, the Rendang pie in particular, while modified a little for Western tastes, has grown a significant following with the Indonesian community as well – and that makes us very proud!!

master logo Tee Set - 200 x 165Since the very start of our business we have had great support from arguably Jakarta’s premier Golf Society, Tee Set, and its hungry members.

We are delighted therefore to announce that we will be joining the sponsors of Tee Set’s major event of the year, the Tee Set Championship, to be held at Matoa Golf Club on the 30th November.

If you are a golfer and love pies then you will be happy to learn that we will be serving up our full range of pies at the Championship, both on the course and at the dinner afterwards. A great event with a quality Tee Set shirt and socks, goodie bag, prizes, door prizes, great food and enough liquid refreshment to float a ship as well as a round of golf!! Рall for just 1 million rupiah. If you would like to join in the fun but are not yet signed up then you can still do that here as they still have about 20 playing slots open. This post has a form that will enable you to sign up.

We are regularly encouraged by our customers to introduce new pies and indeed our existing pies in new formats – and we respond, though not always as quickly as you would hope as we are constrained by our resource availability (code for I am very busy) as well as freezer space!

InflationTo add to the Hot to Trot Trio mentioned above and introduced over the last few months, we can now offer ALL our pie range in mini, midi and mega sizes to special order Рas you can see from the full line up and pricing of our products with effect from 1st November, pricing affected by the seeming inexorable rise in the price of our major ingredients driven not least by the decline in the value of the rupiah.

We hate raising prices but take some consolation in that, pie for pie, we are still cheaper than our only significant competitor in Jakarta and this despite our pies being an average of 50% bigger at 265g plus – and of course 100% tastier:-)

Many thanks to all, we would be nothing without you and your support.

Santi xxx

PS We hope to have some further exciting new product news in our next post, including something very special to spoil you and yours with at Christmas, watch this space!!



Beef Rendang and deliveries this week

Customer reaction to the¬†latest addition to our range, the¬†Beef Rendang Pie, has been truly amazing¬†with¬†both our expatriate and our Indonesian customers taking to its fabulous blend of the iconic Rendang meat with¬†the Western pie format – and there are already cries of “where is the Chicken Rendang?!?!?”

Lots of new customers signed up to try our “Hot to Trot Trio” of 2 each of our Beef Rendang, Beef Curry and Chicken Curry pies – 240,000 value for just 200,00 rupiah delivered to the usual places. We wouldn’t want to disappoint regular customers so the offer is now open to them for orders placed this week for delivery by 31st October.

The “Hot to Trot Trio“, our Beef Rendang and indeed the rest of our range are available for delivery this week, though in a rather truncated schedule due to the son and heir’s half-term holiday – and the need to get some sand under his feet for a day or two!

As ever, when we already have your details no more than a quick e-mail to order is required and we will sort everything out.

The schedule for this week only is as follows:


Back to normal next week!

Santi xxx

Something old, something new …

Three weeks since our last regular news post here, not least because of being very busy keeping those pies coming so, first up, some news of interest on our product line-up.

Healthily increasing sales have finally encouraged us to acquire further freezer space, something which allows us to widen our product range by bringing back chunky steak versions of both the Steak Pie and the Steak and Kidney pie – and one totally new product.

Really glad to be able to brink the chunky steak versions back; while they have been “off menu” for 3 months we have continued to make them to special order for a number of customers who love them – and some of our recent customers have added to that demand.


Expats who have been here for some time have almost certainly come across one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, Rendang, and the extra freezer space we have available finally allows me to offer you my long-planned Beef Rendang Pie!

I have of course added a few of my own touches to the pie to make it more attractive to the western palate without damaging its appeal to an Indonesian audience. Smaller bite sizes of meat therefore, and meat moreover that has been rather more tenderised than is the tradition Рand just a tad off the usual spiciness.

We are confident that the new pie will quickly develop a following and, to encourage you to try it, we will be adding a free of charge sample to all orders for delivery next week. No need to add it to your order, we will automatically do that for you.

delivery guy

Finally, and as your doubtless know, one of our biggest issues since we started has been delivery.

A small business trying to get their product into the hands of customers across a city the size of Jakarta has certainly been a challenge – especially as everyone, including us, hates delivery charges.

The situation on delivery is fluid and ever-changing, however, by concentrating on the central and southern areas favoured by expatriates, and delivering on the same day to area groups every week, we are managing to get by and meet the needs of most of our customers.

For deliveries outside the most favoured expatriate areas we will do the best we can and the larger the order the better in encouraging us to provide a decent delivery cost. We are also discussing same-day delivery of our products to those areas with a local courier service and first indications are positive. Watch this space.

Our own current delivery service is as follows:


The fastest way to get pies from our freezers to your plate is of course to pick-up from our place in Lebak Bulus – remember that drivers here spend 90% of their “working hours” sitting on their bottoms, so please don’t neglect it as an option!!

Thank you for your time and support as always.

Santi xxx




The potato pie is dead, long live the potato and broccoli pie!

broccoliWhen we opened for business all those months ago, we were determined to have a vegetarian offering in our line up, something we called the “Potato Pie” though perhaps it was poorly named as it had lots of broccoli in it as well as onion, cabbage and a little carrot and pepper.

In truth, it sold poorly compared to our other offerings and with our storage space rather limited we dropped it from the advertised line up, while continuing to sell it to the small number of our customers who loved the things.

Over time, word of mouth brought a few more customers for the product and, when we launched our “Introductory Value Pack” earlier in the month, we decided to include the renamed “Potato and Broccoli” pie when things went from strength to strength and we are new getting lots of repeat orders for our “Cinderella” product to the extent that it is now one of our top four best sellers!

We will be adding a free Potato and Broccoli pie to all orders received from our existing customers who have not previously tried the product until Saturday the 11th October – we would like to give you a chance at rectifying overlooking a quite delicious pie that meat eaters will appreciate just as much as vegetarians!

Long live the Potato and Broccoli Pie!!

Santi xxx

PS an announcement about our newest pie later in the week, a pie they said could not be done!!


I tried to swallow it

hot hot hotWe always like to hear about how our customers are appreciating our pies, or indeed otherwise and, truth to tell, we are not above prompting them to share their views with us, particularly on new products.

It was with tears in eyes therefore that we read this response to a promt to one of our oldest customers a few days after giving him a sample of our newly released Chicken Curry Pie for his expert assessment.

“Curry Pies have never floated my boat. I love both curry and pie but the two together have just never done it¬†for me.

Anyway, by the time I got home last Wednesday I was a bit tipsy so I thought I’d give the curry pie a bash. To save time I microwaved it, which I don’t usually do, and¬†did it for too long. By the time it came out it was too hot and the edges of the pastry had gone hard. I cut a bit off with my knife and fork, put it in my mouth, realised it was too hot and instead of spitting it out I tried to swallow it.

It got lodged in my throat and I had to run to the fridge to get some water to wash it down with. It was lodged in there for a good 15 seconds until I managed to wash it down. I finished the pie, being a bit more careful, really nice it was too, and went to bed.

I woke up next morning with a terrible sore throat and I originally thought I was coming down with something. It took me until lunch time to remember what I’d done and realise that I’d burnt the inside of my throat. Today is the first day whereby I’ve been able to swallow with no discomfort.

The moral of the story? – stick to traditionally flavoured pies!!!!”

We are not entirely convinced that the moral of the story is as stated, however, we are willing to stretch a point.

Anyone who has been in Indonesia for more than a few months will know the difference between “pedas” and “panas” and will therefore know that this was a “panas” issue and nothing to do with¬†“pedas” – our curry pies are of course both pretty mild!

If you have any stories about our pies that you think deserve a wider audience then do let us know.

Santi xxx

PS I hope you caught one of our newest customers reflections¬†on her early experience with¬†our pies … thank you, Nadia!!

We have a new “baby”!!

We had always believed that our pies were a pretty generous serving, coming in at a guaranteed minimum weight of 265 grams – but between 280 and 290 grams in reality.

We were therefore rather surprised to receive a special order for bigger pies, pies which with the sample containers provided to us came in at a monster 480 grams and, if we are not mistaken, that’s a tad more than a pound in weight for these big boys if you still think in old money!


The Monsters we cooked were Chicken and Mushroom pies, but we will do them for any of our regular pie fillings by special order, though with a minimum order quantity of 6 per filling type. Prices range from 48,000 for the Potato and Broccoli pie up to 65,000 for our Curry Pies.

If you are a big eater then you might consider the, erm, large size option, same great taste just, erm, larger!!

Santi xxx