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The Minis are back!!

miniThe smaller version of our meat pies, the 95g Minis, have had something of a chequered history going from hero to zero in less than a year – and now making a strong comeback!

Introduced by popular demand in August 2014, the Minis did very well for a while after we introduced them, only to slowly tail off – to the extent that we decided to free up freezer space for newer and more popular stuff by only offering them in bake-to-order with a minimum of 24 pies.

In truth we kept them going “off menu” for a few customers who loved them – most often because their kids loved them!

In a development that could have been readily predicted by a contrarian, the moment we took them off the card, we got submerged in orders ……

The minis are of course now all in our new crust format and delicious hot or cold – and brilliant for snacks, sports events, arisans and whatever else ….

We have special prices for our Minis this week as part of their relaunch – and are offering a Mini 3 pack free with every order for 3 full size pies this week – though availability as we rebuild stocks means that this is restricted to the following pie flavours only:

* Aussie Meat Pie
* Chicken Curry
* Chicken and Mushroom
* Steak Pie

And if you want to order Minis on their own then there is a 15% discount on them all this week.

To order any of our pies or under this special offer or  then just reply to this e-mail – or make your choices on our web-based order form here. No need to mention the gratis Minis, we will do this as a matter of course for all orders received thru’ Sunday next.

Santi xxx

*** Santi’s Premium Pies’ annual holidays – 8th/28th July ***

*** last orders Monday 6th July ***

When you are in a hole …..

dig-holeReceived wisdom has it that, when you are in a hole, it’s best to stop digging. So it is that, despite rave reviews for the taste of both our newly developed pasties, our now prolonged inability to make even two of them look the same has meant we have stopped digging for now. We’ll be back.

Apple PieIn stark contrast, and in response to many customer requests, the kitchen lab has taken up its next project, fruit pies, with almost immediate success and “Santi’s Apple Pie” has been extremely well received by both our in-house “taster” and a small number of our customers.

Santi’s Apple Pie has US influences, is wonderfully juicy and has both cinnamon and nutmeg adding quite delicious taste to the top quality apples used.

Our bean counter has yet to work out the costings and arrive at a price but before that is done we are anxious to get our Apple Pie onto the plates of as many of our customers as possible. To this end we are adding a free-of-charge standard Apple Pie (300 grams) to every order this week for 6 or more of our regular pies and the family size Apple Pie (520 grams) to orders of 12 or more.

We do believe you will LOVE Santi’s Apple Pies – and anxiously await your feedback.

Santi xxx

Wonderful to meet !!

girlsMany thanks to all who, despite the appalling weather and traffic conditions during the day, came to our official new product launch last evening, it really was a lot of fun to see you all in one place, the cozy and welcoming surroundings of Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang

For me it was wonderful to meet so many of our existing customers, some for the first time, and of course quite a few new customers. Everyone I spoke to loved the new products and indeed the firmer base crust update on the existing range. Clearly winners!

crowd scene - bw

We also took the opportunity to introduce our brand new Beef Pastie and, if anything, that was to be the hit of the evening, with many anxious to make an order there and then! In fact the 20 we brought with us were the entire first mini production batch so it is going to be next week before we are able to offer them for delivery – and you might expect the Chicken Pastie the week after 🙂

Many thanks to Killian, Harry and all the staff at Murphy’s who, on a busy serving evening, made such a great job of preparing those pies the way they should be, in the oven, and getting them with all the trimmings onto the plates of all those there.

We took 140 pies and 20 pasties there and none went home (to our home at least), so well done to you all!!

Santi xxx

New products and updates – all at Murphy’s Kemang!!!

We have been working hard since Xmas developing our new products and updates – and our new  packaging and we hope that we have a lot to show for it – or rather our customers.

Steak and Guinness Pie, with and without Cheese – and our take on the Aussie Meat Pie, straight and with a cheese topping are the new ones – and every other pie in our range updated with a new, firmer, base crust.

Some of you have already been trying the new range and we are pleased to say that feedback we have received has been great so far 🙂

We believe you will also find the faultless vacuum packaging we are now achieving with our new Taiwanese technology packer an absolute delight and perfect for keeping your pies in great condition for as long as six months in your freezer!

Murphy's LogoTo make sure you all get a chance to sample all our new stuff we are holding our official launch event at the well-known and much-loved Murphy’s bar in Kemang on the evening of Tuesday 10th February starting at 7:30pm – and taking orders until 9:30 when you will, with our compliments, be able to try out our pies with the accompaniments that set them off best, mashed/fried potatoes, veggies and delicious gravies.

To add to the fun, Murphy’s are keeping their prices at Happy Hour pricing for the duration  … thanks guys 🙂

All are invited, we would truly love to see you there!

Santi xxx



PieAfter some time in “soft production” meeting the needs of customers coming to us just by word of mouth, Santi’s Premium Pies are now online and available for a wider audience to enjoy their delicious taste and quality!

In case you were wondering “why, Santi’s Premium Pies?” we can tell you that every one of our pies uses nothing but the best ingredients  to overflowing, are to Santi’s own personal recipes – and with every batch personally overseen by Santi herself. We truly believe the “Premium” tag to be justified.

We present the following range of pies as we launch online but are pleased  to tell you that  the range will be expanding in the near future with #1 on the list being an “Aussie Meat Pie” with puff pastry and eatable from the hand!!

Pie Range

When you are ordering pies then you can use this form or, if it is all too complicated, just send an e-mail to us here.

We love to get feedback on our pies in an endless pursuit of perfection, do let us have any feedback you may have by dropping us  an e-mail.

Looking forward to serving you in the future, Santi xxx