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Pulang kampung

pulang kampungThe Pie family will shortly “pulang kampung” to the UK for the first time in five years, with “last orders” being accepted up to and including Monday 5th July, and last deliveries on Tuesday 7th July.

After that deliveries will only resume on Friday 31st July, though with all our fruit pies either sold or given out as “customer appreciation” our stocks of these are now exhausted and will only be available the following week.

The apple pie in particular has been a storming success with you since its introduction in April with its glorious texture and taste, not least that of the cinnamon, much-loved by many 🙂

While the pie has its origins in the Neolithic period some 12,000 years ago there is no doubting the part that the UK in the Middle Ages played in its development to the form we see today. We will therefore be paying especial attention to the pie scene when we are there – and looking for inspiration for new products for your delectation!

Little time for reflection on the past year as we head off, other than to say is has been a lot of fun meeting so many new people, expatriate and Indonesian – and that it has been a great pleasure serving you all!!

Hope you have a great holiday too!! ….. Santi xxx

Foiled again

aluminium-foil-food-trayOne of the small irritations of life here at Premium Pie Towers is securing supplies of the humble aluminium foil trays in which you will find every one of our regular pies.

While I immediately swoop up all that I find. hardly a month goes by without stocks reaching crisis levels – and a couple of weeks ago we even had to stop production for two days for the want of them .

Yesterday, and with the kitchen once again on the point of idling, I was delighted to find 500 of the trays in Mayestik Market and had them at the check out counter within seconds so continued supplies are assured for a couple of weeks anyway. I was rather less joyful to find that the price was 1,200 rupah apiece, a 20% increase over the last six months 😦

While the core inflation rate for Indonesia has been above 8% at times, the price of everything that goes into our pies has been increasing rather more quickly and after 9 months, yes you guessed it, we are having to increase the price of our pies by 2,500 across the board to at least partially cover this. Only slightly better news is that the prices will only go up next week, not this. The revised prices effective from 1st June are here – old prices for orders received before then of course. We will hold these prices firm for the rest of the year unless KRISMON 2 makes an appearance.

Our claim is to provide great pies at a reasonable price and we hope and believe that even with this increase that we will continue to live up that boast.

Santi xxx

PS Much more interestingly our Curry Puffs are in the works, watch this space!!

Happy Birthday to us!!

Santi's birthdayThere are times when it seems like only yesterday, and others when it seems like we have been going forever!

Whatever the perception, the reality is that we have being providing quality pies to a mainly expatriate audience for exactly one year now.

With support from friends enthusiastic about my pies, we went about online marketing of our original English heritage pies of Steak, Steak and Kidney and Chicken and Mushroom on the first of May 2014.

In the middle of the year we introduced our Asian Fusion products of Beef Curry, Beef Rendang, and Chicken Curry to an enthusiastic reception from our growing customer base.

That customer base was mainly composed of Aussies, Brits and North Americans, in that order, so we were not entirely surprised to be pressed to produce an “Aussie Meat Pie” and we finally got that and our Guinness stock based pies into production early this year, once again to an enthusiastic reception. There is actually no such thing as “an” Aussie Meat, they vary greatly as we were to find out when researching however our take on it has been well received.

A couple of months ago, and once again in response to customer demand, we finally launched out fruit pie range of Apple, Blueberry and Cherry and they have all been selling well – and belying the notion that Expats are solely “meat eaters” 🙂

Along the way we have had tremendous support from our customers, both by their recommending us to their friends and in making suggestions for improvement of our products – the latter most noticeably in respect of a wish for a harder crust, a wish that was finally met in January with the introduction of our New Generation crust across our entire range of meat pies.

If we had a disappointment in our first year it was in our inability to produce Aussie style pasties of a consistently attractive appearance. The trials by some of our customers were a great success in regards to sheer taste, we were simply not able to make two of them look the same; we are taking a break but will return 😦

For the future we are indeed not standing still and, driven always by customer demand, we are planning to introduce a number of new products, with first in line being a Malaysian style curry puff which is currently in the works. Watch this space.

A word of thanks to the staff working in our kitchen and bringing those pies to you every day, they do a fine job, enjoy what they do – and are proud that they are bringing an Indonesian touch to the plates of so many foreigners. And not forgetting our “Rider” who managed 5 months without a day off until last week when he went down with a fever – he has done a great job of always getting the pies through in Jakarta traffic conditions that can only be described as “challenging”.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you all for your support during our first year, we would not even exist without you. We will of course have a special “1st Birthday” offer next week to offer thanks in a more material way!!

Santi xxx

Those survey results we promised!

Survey_resultsWe are not so naive as to take these results at face value for a number of reasons – firstly that response to the survey was around only 18% of our regular customer base – and also that people are, by and large, very kind and are reluctant to criticise unless they are really mad!!.

Nevertheless, we are encouraged by the results and where there was criticism and suggestions, and there was, then we have actions already in place to improve in those areas..

Particularly pleasing for us were the results on delivery performance, an area where it was all kept going with bubble gum and string for many months but which is an area that now works well with our own “Rider” and motorbike, and predictable same or next day delivery the new norm.

It has long been clear that our regular customers have their own favourites and we can almost predict the composition of an order by looking at who it is coming from. What is one man’s meat is not everybody else’s, however, as you will see from this graphic of your favourites taken from the same survey!

Survey by pie

So, rather reassuring that two of our original range can be found in first and second place!!

Our customers loyalty to their own favourites is evident from their largely ignoring our regular special offers – unless it happens to be in their own favourite area. Nevertheless we continue with special offers as they invariably also attract new customers anxious to try out a range of our pies at reasonable cost!!

Santi xxx

When you are in a hole …..

dig-holeReceived wisdom has it that, when you are in a hole, it’s best to stop digging. So it is that, despite rave reviews for the taste of both our newly developed pasties, our now prolonged inability to make even two of them look the same has meant we have stopped digging for now. We’ll be back.

Apple PieIn stark contrast, and in response to many customer requests, the kitchen lab has taken up its next project, fruit pies, with almost immediate success and “Santi’s Apple Pie” has been extremely well received by both our in-house “taster” and a small number of our customers.

Santi’s Apple Pie has US influences, is wonderfully juicy and has both cinnamon and nutmeg adding quite delicious taste to the top quality apples used.

Our bean counter has yet to work out the costings and arrive at a price but before that is done we are anxious to get our Apple Pie onto the plates of as many of our customers as possible. To this end we are adding a free-of-charge standard Apple Pie (300 grams) to every order this week for 6 or more of our regular pies and the family size Apple Pie (520 grams) to orders of 12 or more.

We do believe you will LOVE Santi’s Apple Pies – and anxiously await your feedback.

Santi xxx

New products and updates – all at Murphy’s Kemang!!!

We have been working hard since Xmas developing our new products and updates – and our new  packaging and we hope that we have a lot to show for it – or rather our customers.

Steak and Guinness Pie, with and without Cheese – and our take on the Aussie Meat Pie, straight and with a cheese topping are the new ones – and every other pie in our range updated with a new, firmer, base crust.

Some of you have already been trying the new range and we are pleased to say that feedback we have received has been great so far 🙂

We believe you will also find the faultless vacuum packaging we are now achieving with our new Taiwanese technology packer an absolute delight and perfect for keeping your pies in great condition for as long as six months in your freezer!

Murphy's LogoTo make sure you all get a chance to sample all our new stuff we are holding our official launch event at the well-known and much-loved Murphy’s bar in Kemang on the evening of Tuesday 10th February starting at 7:30pm – and taking orders until 9:30 when you will, with our compliments, be able to try out our pies with the accompaniments that set them off best, mashed/fried potatoes, veggies and delicious gravies.

To add to the fun, Murphy’s are keeping their prices at Happy Hour pricing for the duration  … thanks guys 🙂

All are invited, we would truly love to see you there!

Santi xxx


Xmas and New Year’s Eve now a fading memory …

Sort of glad all of that is all behind us though hope that like we did, you had a good one with family and friends.

We were not entirely relaxing throughout however, and we are now up to prototype #3 for our take on the Aussie Meat Pie. It is taking longer than we had hoped and expect at least two more iterations before we get it right. As soon as we do we will let you know, in the interim please hang in there!

Though all orders got though over the holiday period, a couple of them took rather longer than we would have hoped too – our delivery service protested being swamped under by Xmas orders, rather odd for a Moslem country! That was not to explain however why they went off the screen entirely on New Year’s Eve 🙂

While most have already settled on their favourite pies and order accordingly we wouldn’t like to deprive you of the opportunity to take advantage of our January Special Offer, something of a twist on our successful “Hot to Trot Trio” promotion of last year.

Happy to report that things are back to normal now, however, and next day delivery for orders received by 4pm re-established.

Also happy to report that we can now accept settlement via PayPal (and therefore Visa/Mastercard etc). We were encouraged to diversify our payment acceptance  methods by our delivery service no longer accepting COD unfortunately. Just let us know when you order if you would like to settle in this way.

As ever, just a reply to this e-mail is all that is needed to kick off the process of getting our pies onto your plate.

Happy New Year!

Santi xxx

5,000th Pie Special offer

Today marks the first dipping of our toes into Facebook marketing, with this advert hitting 10,000+ Facebook accounts in the Greater Jakarta area. We really like the rather retro look, only time will tell what others make of it, wish us luck! ….

As you see this offer coincides with the baking of our 5,000th pie which came out of the big oven on Thursday. Rather fittingly it was a beef curry pie, our current #1 best seller and was declared “wonderful” shortly afterwards by our unpaid chief tester; not too surprising we guess as the beef curry is his personal favourite.

While the offer is primarily intended to attract new customers we wouldn’t want regulars to miss out, so just go here to take advantage 🙂  ….Santi xxx

Flyer #3

An exciting 3 weeks

All, it has been an exciting 3 weeks for us since last we updated our blog

The reaction to our Hot to Trot Trio special offer has been amazing with many new customers joining us and, more importantly, being delighted with the Beef Curry, Beef Rendang and Chicken Curry offering that we put together, with two of them even sending us photos with accompanying messages telling us just how much they enjoyed them 🙂

While expatriates continue to be our core demographic, the Rendang pie in particular, while modified a little for Western tastes, has grown a significant following with the Indonesian community as well – and that makes us very proud!!

master logo Tee Set - 200 x 165Since the very start of our business we have had great support from arguably Jakarta’s premier Golf Society, Tee Set, and its hungry members.

We are delighted therefore to announce that we will be joining the sponsors of Tee Set’s major event of the year, the Tee Set Championship, to be held at Matoa Golf Club on the 30th November.

If you are a golfer and love pies then you will be happy to learn that we will be serving up our full range of pies at the Championship, both on the course and at the dinner afterwards. A great event with a quality Tee Set shirt and socks, goodie bag, prizes, door prizes, great food and enough liquid refreshment to float a ship as well as a round of golf!! – all for just 1 million rupiah. If you would like to join in the fun but are not yet signed up then you can still do that here as they still have about 20 playing slots open. This post has a form that will enable you to sign up.

We are regularly encouraged by our customers to introduce new pies and indeed our existing pies in new formats – and we respond, though not always as quickly as you would hope as we are constrained by our resource availability (code for I am very busy) as well as freezer space!

InflationTo add to the Hot to Trot Trio mentioned above and introduced over the last few months, we can now offer ALL our pie range in mini, midi and mega sizes to special order – as you can see from the full line up and pricing of our products with effect from 1st November, pricing affected by the seeming inexorable rise in the price of our major ingredients driven not least by the decline in the value of the rupiah.

We hate raising prices but take some consolation in that, pie for pie, we are still cheaper than our only significant competitor in Jakarta and this despite our pies being an average of 50% bigger at 265g plus – and of course 100% tastier:-)

Many thanks to all, we would be nothing without you and your support.

Santi xxx

PS We hope to have some further exciting new product news in our next post, including something very special to spoil you and yours with at Christmas, watch this space!!