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Porkies Bali agency

Yes, Santi’s Premium Pies is proud to have been appointed Jakarta agent for the famous “Porkies Bali” – and at prices identical to those available to their own customers in Bali!! We offer same day delivery by Gojek from our own stocks of a range of Porkies Bali products to all of Jakarta and surrounding areas. These are our current offerings.

You can order any of these products by sending us an e-mail, WhatsApping us at
0813 1094 4496  or adding your requirement in our usual order form.

Happy 4th Birthday to us!!

Yes, it is our 4th Birthday today after four years of what can only be described as fun!

I have met so many good people, developed the pie and pasta products, delivered more than 2,000 orders, skilled up my staff, become a total expert in the Gojek App and berated my husband for getting invoices wrong occasionally – who could ask for more?!

There have of course been downsides, including badly behaved puff pastry, a 4kg batch of steak and kidney being left out overnight and having to be thrown away and, last but not least, the decimation of our customer base by the downturn in oil and metals prices two years or so ago.

One thing where we are pleased to say there has been NO downside is bad debts, with every one of those order being settled, the great majority on time and this despite most of them being on “transfer after delivery” terms.

So, thank you so much to all who have supported us over those four years, we hope to continue to serve you into the future.

Kind regards, Santi xxx

PS pies always go best with a little gravy!!

A small price rise

Sadly, and after two years with unchanged prices, we are forced to recognise economic reality and increase prices by an average of 3% and these increases apply from January 1st 2018 and are reflected in our revised price list.

Apple and Cherry sourcing prices are stable so the fruit pies and their crumble versions remain the same as do the Steak & Guinness. Newcomers Cottage Pie and the ready to eat Raviolis also remain as at their launch prices.

Apologies for this development, we just hope you will agree that our products remain great value in this market!!

Kind regards, Santi

Beach bound …..

summerYep, Pie family vacation time coming up with last orders on 28th June for delivery on or before 1st July – and normal service resuming on the 24th July.

Might therefore very well be time to stock up if you are running short. You can order by sending us an e-mail or filling in the web order form here.

For those of you without a summer break this year, commiserations, for those headed to beach or mountain, enjoy, you deserve it!!



Happy birthday to us!!

I am 2Yes, we baked our first pie on this day just two years ago and, to wheel out that well-worn cliché once again, it feels just like yesterday!

We have had lots of things to overcome over that time, not least around getting our delivery system reliable, and the team has with hard work and inspiration consistently overcome all those problems and developed the products to what are now, we and many of our customers believe, the best pies in Jakarta.

So thanks to Anis and Uus in the kitchen, Pak Iwan on his motor, my lovely husband on his computer and most importantly, the support of you, the customer, for bringing Santi’s Premium Pies to where it is today.

Onwards to our 25,000th pie!!

Santi xxx

Asian Fusion 2016

Love baked in
baked into every pie!!

Dear all …. at the request of a small number of customers we quietly added Chicken Rendang a few weeks ago and, despite no mentions of it here or on our Facebook account, demand has grown nicely, just being on the menu was enough!

One of our most popular offers in the past has been our “Asian Fusion” package and we will now do that one again with the Chicken Rendang added to the mix.

So the package is now:

* 2 x Beef Curry
* 2 x Chicken Curry
* 2 x Beef Rendang
* 2 x Chicken Rendang

That is 400,000 value – and we are taking off 15% or 60,000 Rupiah if you just mention “Asian Fusion 2016” when you order this week.

To order just send us an e-mail  telling us what you want – or make your choices on our web-based order form here.]()

Best regards, Santi xxx

Shrinking supply, and demand continuing to burgeon

With more than half our pies by sales volume containing the stuff, beef prices are pretty important to us. Prices of the product in rupiah have risen inexorably since we opened our doors for business back in April 2014 and casused us to raise our own pie prices back in March this year when we undertook to hold them firm through to the end of 2015.

It is with some interest therefore that we follow the blog of Indonesia’s resident expert on all things cattle and beef, Dr. Ross Ainsworth and we are not encouraged by his prognosis for the future of prices, a future where he sees shrinking supply, and demand continuing to burgeon – with inevitable consequences for market prices in US Dollars – and even less for the Indonesian market where the decline of the Rupiah has become a sad fact of life.

What does all that mean for the eater of Santi’s Premium Pies? – one thing for certain is that the price of the pies will be going in only one direction and that is upwards. We will keep the increase as modest as we can and only from the 1st January 2016 – but we are a little too small to resist global market forces!!

Pies get a bad wrap!!

An increasingly health conscious world has, amongst other things, led to a demand to know exactly what is in what we eat!

In general, pies get a bad rap but, as you may see from the table below, are perfectly capable of forming part of a healthy, balanced diet.

typical values

As a tiny enterprise the above figures have necessarily been derived from professionally measured values for close analogues to our own pies, ie short crust base, fully filled, puff pastry topping and around 260g in weight.

I hope this information is of value to you …. Santi xxx

Santi’s apple crumble pie has arrived!!

Apple Crumble 1Fruit crumbles are on the “food I love” list of many and, after some weeks spent getting it just right, we have now launched our Apple Crumble.

Full of flavour and with a hint of cinammon, the Apple Crumble is already proving a hit with our customers. To encourage you we have run a special offer on them this week and this will continue next week, so don’t miss the opportunity to try them!

We have plans to extend our range of crumbles in the future, in the unfortunate absence of rhubarb here we may even make a crumble with a native Indonesian fruit, which would be rather fun. Ahead in the queue for development however is that firm Kiwi favourite, the Steak and Cheese Pie, a development once again being driven by strong user support. Watch this space.

Santi xxx

Apple Crumble 2