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A customer’s tale

feedbackCustomer feedback has been our principal guide from the start of business and the source of inspiration for what can be seen in our range today compared with the simple meat and chicken pies we offered at the beginning.

Yep, firmer crusts, the Hot to Trot trio of chicken and beef curry and rendang pies, cool bags and better vacuum packing, same or next day delivery to anywhere, and the recent entry of fruit, Guinness and Aussie meat pies – all driven by customer demand, and not by sitting in a darkened room thinking about what to offer next!!

We make a point to ask for feedback from every new customer 2 weeks after their first order …. and regular customers every three months or so. And that is just via e-mail, we also regularly meet many of our customers and ask face to face their opinions on all aspects of our pies, from taste to ordering to billing and delivery – feedback face to face is generally lengthy and vigorous!

The world we live in gets ever more frantic, with our bosses demanding ever more – and leisure distractions multiplying by the day. It is little surprise to us therefore that our inbox seldom bulges with feedback from e-mail requests, but it happens often enough to be vital in understanding where we are with our customers. However, we seldom get the kind of comprehensive feedback we received from one new customer last week, feedback that had us in fits of laughter and tears of joy in turn – and which we reproduce in full and unedited below.

Well it’s just been over a month since my order and all the pies went just over a week ago. So that’s an excellent recommendation. All the meat pies tasted very good. Defrosting them and then heating them up in our oven gave the best results, and the pastry was more crispy. Sometimes however we just couldn’t wait, so we defrosted them in the microwave and then cooked them in the microwave, the results were also very good.

We enjoyed the Aussie meat pie the best, the steak pie was a good second, both enjoyed by me, my Indonesian wife and my boy 19 and daughter 15 – my daughter particularly liked the mini pies, due to the serving being in line with her smaller eating habits. The steak and kidney pie was a favourite of mine, but not so for the others in the family, I think having kidney in a pie is an English tradition (where I am originally from) not an Indonesian tradition.

The pies arrived on time, excellent packing and still well frozen. Your delivery man was polite removing his shoes when he came indoors and helped me load the pies into the freezer. I paid him cash on delivery in line with the receipt that he gave me. This was very convenient.

The order came with a plasticised Product Guide in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, which I showed everyone and placed next to the microwave for reference. That was great.

microwave majorproblemMy wife obviously didn’t read it thoroughly (the instructions are clear enough) and put a pie in the microwave with the aluminium tray still on. I immediately stopped her, I thought she knew about this?. I then joked with my daughter that mammy just tried to burn the place down by putting a pie in the microwave with the aluminium tray still on. We laughed about this. Two weeks later on a Saturday I heard my daughter put on the microwave and then smelled a pie cooking. Then I smelled burning.

Unbelievable that she put a mini meat pie in the microwave also with the aluminium tray still on. Like mother like daughter. The kitchen was full of smoke and the microwave red hot. On opening the microwave door, a lot of smoke came out, this caused the smoke alarm to go off, which is linked to the apartment fire alarm system, bells started ringing and then 2 minutes later the Security staff (doing a good job) knocking on our door finding out what was happening. Some action for a quiet Saturday.

The pie was like a piece of charcoal, so got thrown away. I supervised the next one. Our microwave is made of STRONG stuff, after 16 years of use it still works great, good recommendation to the maker SHARP. We have had instances of a metal spoon being left inside – the plastic handle melted and some odd bits of foil that sometimes manages to get left on some food which sparks. Sometimes we get ready made macaroni or pasta, these seem to have a plastic wrapped base, with possible aluminium inside?, covered by the plastic, these seem to microwave OK by my wife, but I always take them off just in case, I think this is what confused her.

On the fruit pies, the apple pies were delicious, really good with vanilla ice cream as per your recommendation, but I would have preferred a thinner pastry. I have bought apple pies from other stores too and the pastry also seems to me to be too thick. From some establishment it is much too thick. The same thickness pastry seems to work well for the meat pies, but as mentioned above not so well for the apple pie. No one would own up to eating the cherry pie – it wasn’t me – so I can’t give you any feedback on that. LOL.

I would also like you to look at if possible to a bigger sized, dinner plate apple pie, that way it can be cut into several slices. This would have to be thawed out and then cut up, can be eaten cold. When I was a kid my mother in England used to make them, especially in the summer, there was a lot of big apple trees adjoining our back garden which was large, and on windy days when the apples were ripe they used to fall into our garden and I collected them. We called them “wind-falls” not stealing. Hahaha.

Many, many thanks to the author, and everybody else who has contributed to our learning.

We listen, we learn, we change and improve and move forward.

Santi xxx

A bachelor’s salvation?

As we constantly advise, the way to get one of our pies onto your plate in prime condition is to heat it from defrosted for 20-25 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180 celcius. Yep, you can do them in 12 minutes from frozen in a microwave to give you a hearty meal in a hurry, but the product is stodgy and not really what they are designed for.

For all those bachelors, and others, stuck in small apartments or even those in houses without an oven, and condemned to use a microwave, we have great news, there is help at hand!

Over the last couple of months we have had a succession of customers lauding something called an “Air Fryer” and eventually we decided to acquire one – and I have to say that we have been well impressed!

Phillips air fryer
Phillips air fryer
Oxone air fryer

Lazada has several different makes and the model we bought was an Oxone Professional Air Fryer Oxone OX-277  coming in at 1.7 million rupiah, rather cheaper than the Phillips HD9220 at 3.2 million and, while both come with a 2 year guarantee one imagines the Phillips guarantee to be worth rather more than a no-name brand like Oxone.

We chose the Oxone on the very sensible ground that it looks really cool!!

Not a lot more required beyond plugging the thing in before we were up and running with our first test, my husband’s favourite, a Beef Curry pie! From defrosted the Air Fryer needed 11-12 minutes – or 20-22 minutes from frozen. And no pre-heating required, just kick the thing off.

His opinion? At least as good as that coming out of the oven and, with a slightly crustier crust resulting, maybe even better!!

OxoneThe things are actually not designed for pies as you can probably guess from the Air Fryer name, but rather for cooking chips, chicken, steak and heaven knows what else in a way that incorporates perhaps only 10% the level of fat into the food itself compared to frying/deep frying. That is the claim anyway and sounds healthy

The Oxone will do up to four pies at a time (heating times increase !!) for those of you with a large and hungry family or visitors to feed. We can heartily recommend it as a pie warmer anyway; we have yet to try out its other talents.

We have an oven in the kitchen at home – but now use the Air Fryer for heating all our pies, there can be no higher recommendation!

Please let us know how you get on should you have one or acquire one.

Santi xxx

A short survey

pollingWe would be really, really grateful if you could, as a customer of Santi’s Premium Pies,  share a little information to help us better serve you!

It should take no more than 2 minutes and we will share the summary results here with everyone next week.

To thank all who complete the survey, they will receive a 10% discount on their next order!

Thank you, Santi xxx






No need to panic!!

Apple PieDelighted to say that the reception to our newly launched apple pies has been fantastic with the family size (520g) quickly out of stock, and just a dozen of the regular size (300+grams) left. No need to panic however as we had another apple pie bake yesterday!

A couple of you have told us that your Mum used to sprinkle a little extra cinnamon on top of the pie apple pie filling before sealing and we listened to you and tried it out – and, yes, it is even tastier – we did this yesterday and will be doing so into the future. Thank you 🙂

The apple pie has been confirmed by many as just great eaten hot – and with vanilla ice cream – though several of you have reported them going well with custard too! Trust us, they are delicious eaten at room temperature as well.

As you will see from our updated price list, we have priced the regular size (enough for 2) at a very attractive 37,500 rupiah and the family size (520grams plus) at a bargain 55,000 rupiah.

cherriesPleased to tell you also that “Santi’s Cherry Pie” has passed through exhaustive user testing with flying colours. These are absolute taste bombs and should be available in the week commencing 16th March subject to satisfactory resolution of pricing with our potential cherry supplier.

As far as we are aware there is NO cherry production in Indonesia itself and consequently anything actually available is imported with predictably high pricing. Hopefully buying in 25kg lots will help some.

After Cherry will come Blueberry as we have identified a source for them. In case you ever wonder, we eat our avowed consumers of our own pies and love introducing new ones as we get to try them out first 🙂

As you may remember, we put the Beef Pasties on the back burner while we get the fruit pies up to speed. This has not put off a number of you who had tasted them – and wanted them even if not of the consistent shape we continue to work on. Thank you for your faith!

Our mainstream meat pie products, with the recent Aussie Meat Pie and Guinness additions, continue to be very well received and, in order to get more of you familiar with our Fruit Pie products, we are delighted to extend our special offer of a free regular “Santi’s Apple Pie” with every order for 6 or more of our regular pies – and two for every order of 12 or more.

delivery guyAs always, just drop us an email to tell us what you want – and we will deliver next day for orders received before 5pm – sometimes same day if early enough – but no guarantees!!

Santi xxx

PS always remember that oven is best, and microwave is very quick, it’s your choice

Wonderful to meet !!

girlsMany thanks to all who, despite the appalling weather and traffic conditions during the day, came to our official new product launch last evening, it really was a lot of fun to see you all in one place, the cozy and welcoming surroundings of Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang

For me it was wonderful to meet so many of our existing customers, some for the first time, and of course quite a few new customers. Everyone I spoke to loved the new products and indeed the firmer base crust update on the existing range. Clearly winners!

crowd scene - bw

We also took the opportunity to introduce our brand new Beef Pastie and, if anything, that was to be the hit of the evening, with many anxious to make an order there and then! In fact the 20 we brought with us were the entire first mini production batch so it is going to be next week before we are able to offer them for delivery – and you might expect the Chicken Pastie the week after 🙂

Many thanks to Killian, Harry and all the staff at Murphy’s who, on a busy serving evening, made such a great job of preparing those pies the way they should be, in the oven, and getting them with all the trimmings onto the plates of all those there.

We took 140 pies and 20 pasties there and none went home (to our home at least), so well done to you all!!

Santi xxx

Phew, what a year!!

Happy XmasIt has been an exhilarating time for us building up Santi’s Premium Pies this year, getting the pies absolutely right was fundamental of course as was slowly extending the range, but then the packaging, the web site and order administration and heaven knows what else and last, but very far from least, the deliveries, we really didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for when we started, we could write a book.

No matter, we have emerged bloodied but unbowed and stronger for the experience – and with a long list of regular customers who keep coming back for our pies, there is no greater reward for me than people loving our pies 🙂

We are looking forward to the challenges of 2015 and, most importantly, maintaining and perhaps even improving on the all important quality of our pies – and maybe adding an exciting new flavour or two!

We are a small business and our only hope of growing as we would wish is by efficiently delivering to you the pie products that you love – and at a fair price. Very simple, and if we have a business model, then that is it – and with everything else springing from it.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us so generously during the year, not least by recommending us to friends – we hope you have had as much fun as us – and that you and yours have a really Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Santi xxx

Beef Rendang and deliveries this week

Customer reaction to the latest addition to our range, the Beef Rendang Pie, has been truly amazing with both our expatriate and our Indonesian customers taking to its fabulous blend of the iconic Rendang meat with the Western pie format – and there are already cries of “where is the Chicken Rendang?!?!?”

Lots of new customers signed up to try our “Hot to Trot Trio” of 2 each of our Beef Rendang, Beef Curry and Chicken Curry pies – 240,000 value for just 200,00 rupiah delivered to the usual places. We wouldn’t want to disappoint regular customers so the offer is now open to them for orders placed this week for delivery by 31st October.

The “Hot to Trot Trio“, our Beef Rendang and indeed the rest of our range are available for delivery this week, though in a rather truncated schedule due to the son and heir’s half-term holiday – and the need to get some sand under his feet for a day or two!

As ever, when we already have your details no more than a quick e-mail to order is required and we will sort everything out.

The schedule for this week only is as follows:


Back to normal next week!

Santi xxx