About us

PieSanti’s Premium Pies was born out of one man’s frustration, a frustration at being unable to find a pie worthy of  the name in Jakarta after 4 years of searching, on and off.

Little did he know that the answer to his pie yearnings was actually sharing a bed with him every night.

Yes, Santi was eventually convinced to give it a quick go with a meat pie, and it was so good that it immediately went on the family meal roster – and subsequently refined to the point of perfection!

Now you too can share in the delights of Santi’s Premium Pies made only with good wholesome ingredients and delivered to you as fresh as the moment they came out of the oven.

We cater to orders both large and small but with a minimum order of  six pies . Delivery is free within 5 kilometres of Lebak Bulus and very cheap elsewhere. We usually offer free delivery for orders of 8 or more pies to all the popular expatriate residential areas of Jakarta.

Smaller orders are always possible when collected at our Lebak Bulus home or on a Sunday at Jakarta’s most famous Golf Society!

Your pies can be delivered either frozen or ready to go, you just need to tell us your preference.

You can fire away with your online order any time of day or night when we will promptly confirm order and delivery details back to you. Alternatively, you can just send us an e-mail or WhatsApp on 08telling us what you want.

Thank you for your support – and please keep enjoying those pies! ….. Santi xxx

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