Serving a sausage, Aussie style

Image result for aussie sausage on bread

Here is some recent important and expert advice from Facebook on how a sausage should be presented and served when it comes off the barbie. It is how they roll Down Under and should be leaned by heart if you are a Pom or some other kind of foreigner and are invited to an Aussie BBQ. Aussies have etiquette too, it’s just different.

“… there is a very specific way in which the feed should be built. It must be on a slice of white bread that is so cheap that it sticks to the roof of your mouth, the sausage must be a real sausage and not a pale hot dog or Frankfurter imitation. It must be laid at slightly off kilter, corner to corner.

There are NO exceptions to these rules.

The only personal choice allowed is the selection of buttered or un-buttered white bread, and the addition of onions if you are uncouth. Sauces are limited to tomato or mustard. Ketchup is not to be allowed at ANY time.”

Now you know…

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