Happy 4th Birthday to us!!

Yes, it is our 4th Birthday today after four years of what can only be described as fun!

I have met so many good people, developed the pie and pasta products, delivered more than 2,000 orders, skilled up my staff, become a total expert in the Gojek App and berated my husband for getting invoices wrong occasionally – who could ask for more?!

There have of course been downsides, including badly behaved puff pastry, a 4kg batch of steak and kidney being left out overnight and having to be thrown away and, last but not least, the decimation of our customer base by the downturn in oil and metals prices two years or so ago.

One thing where we are pleased to say there has been NO downside is bad debts, with every one of those order being settled, the great majority on time and this despite most of them being on “transfer after delivery” terms.

So, thank you so much to all who have supported us over those four years, we hope to continue to serve you into the future.

Kind regards, Santi xxx

PS pies always go best with a little gravy!!

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