Asian Fusion 2016

Love baked in
baked into every pie!!

Dear all …. at the request of a small number of customers we quietly added Chicken Rendang a few weeks ago and, despite no mentions of it here or on our Facebook account, demand has grown nicely, just being on the menu was enough!

One of our most popular offers in the past has been our “Asian Fusion” package and we will now do that one again with the Chicken Rendang added to the mix.

So the package is now:

* 2 x Beef Curry
* 2 x Chicken Curry
* 2 x Beef Rendang
* 2 x Chicken Rendang

That is 400,000 value – and we are taking off 15% or 60,000 Rupiah if you just mention “Asian Fusion 2016” when you order this week.

To order just send us an e-mail  telling us what you want – or make your choices on our web-based order form here.]()

Best regards, Santi xxx

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