From frozen to in your tummy in 10 minutes!!

We have long recommended the use of a conventional oven for heating our pies as producing the finest results and, more recently added the Air Fryer as being capable of producing similarly good results.

OxoneWe know however that many of you simply don’t have the time to use the oven when heating on of our meat pies from even a chilled state can take 25-30 minutes – and that few of you have the excellent Air Fryer which can halve the time needed.

This means that many of you pop the pie in the microwave, often enough from frozen – and turn it up full blast for less than 10 minutes. Not a recommended method as it produces a rather soft pastry, however, salvation is perhaps near at hand with this tip from one of the most enthusiastic and decicted fans of pies – and our pies in particular!

You may notice thay he is an Aussie and therefore prefers to eat his pie from the hand – this is not compulsory for non-Aussies!!

1. Take frozen pie out of freezer
2. Cut off one corner (approximately 1 inch diagonally) of the kryovac plastic bag the pie somes in. (just enough for the steam to exit during heating)
3. Place the pie, still inside the plastic bag, in the microwave (foil pie plate and all) and microwave on high for 3 to 3.5 minutes
4.Take out from microwave, turn over, place back inside the oven and microwave for a further 2 to 2.5 minutes.
5. Take pie out from microwave and drain any condensation from the plastic bag via the diagonal cut
6. Remove pie from plastic bag and pie plate and place on a plate with a paper towel under pie.
7. Hold with a paper towel and eat the pie crust down i.e. upside down. (the top crust is harder, so does not rupture and let the juice out. kind of acts like a plate)
“I have done hundreds of pies like this. The foil pie plate has no effect at all on the microwave during heating (I know you are not supposed to microwave foil, but ……maybe it is non-conductive ?)
This works really great on the steak and cheese pies, but is fine for other pie varieties too.
Microwave times may vary with the model of microwave you have.
Leaving the pie in the plastic bag keeps the moisture in while heating, and eating it upside down keeps all the juices inside the pastry”
So, there you go, from frozen to in your tummy in 10 minutes for busy professionals on the go!! We have not tried it but our faith in, well, let’s call him Ivan, is 100%.
Please do let us know how you get on if you should try it.
Santi xxx

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