Change of the right sort

FeedbackObtaining, analysing and reacting to customer feedback is considered golden in any modern management treatise you will come across these days.

We have encouraged feedback relentlessly from the very start of our business but, with a customer demographic composed almost entirely of busy professional folks, we have gotten used to 1 or perhaps two reactions a week from you.

So no one was more surpised than us to be hit by a relative tsunami of 6 pieces of feedback last week, happily all of them positive and encouraging …. here they all are:


In terms of acting on customer feedback, we believe we have a record that stands up to most – with muliple actions that have increased the quality and breadth of our products.

Many thanks to all those who have ever contributed and brought about change of the right sort – and please don’t stop!!

Santi xxx

PS a later, follow up contribution from IB of Kuningan tickled us hugely, the first ever Great Indonesian Bake Off ended in a draw!!

We did a shoot-out between the Oz meat ‘n cheese V’s the Steak ‘n cheese. Xxxxx ikes the Oz pies and I prefer the Steak ‘n cheese (by a mile) so at least we will not be fighting over them.
Those steak and cheese are really scrumptious fare guys. The sauce is killer, and I have perfected the microwave heating technique to keep them moist and yummy. Five minutes from the freezer to the plate.
Then add around 3 more minutes to being out of sight and yummy in the tummy.

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