Pulang kampung

pulang kampungThe Pie family will shortly “pulang kampung” to the UK for the first time in five years, with “last orders” being accepted up to and including Monday 5th July, and last deliveries on Tuesday 7th July.

After that deliveries will only resume on Friday 31st July, though with all our fruit pies either sold or given out as “customer appreciation” our stocks of these are now exhausted and will only be available the following week.

The apple pie in particular has been a storming success with you since its introduction in April with its glorious texture and taste, not least that of the cinnamon, much-loved by many 🙂

While the pie has its origins in the Neolithic period some 12,000 years ago there is no doubting the part that the UK in the Middle Ages played in its development to the form we see today. We will therefore be paying especial attention to the pie scene when we are there – and looking for inspiration for new products for your delectation!

Little time for reflection on the past year as we head off, other than to say is has been a lot of fun meeting so many new people, expatriate and Indonesian – and that it has been a great pleasure serving you all!!

Hope you have a great holiday too!! ….. Santi xxx

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