The Minis are back!!

miniThe smaller version of our meat pies, the 95g Minis, have had something of a chequered history going from hero to zero in less than a year – and now making a strong comeback!

Introduced by popular demand in August 2014, the Minis did very well for a while after we introduced them, only to slowly tail off – to the extent that we decided to free up freezer space for newer and more popular stuff by only offering them in bake-to-order with a minimum of 24 pies.

In truth we kept them going “off menu” for a few customers who loved them – most often because their kids loved them!

In a development that could have been readily predicted by a contrarian, the moment we took them off the card, we got submerged in orders ……

The minis are of course now all in our new crust format and delicious hot or cold – and brilliant for snacks, sports events, arisans and whatever else ….

We have special prices for our Minis this week as part of their relaunch – and are offering a Mini 3 pack free with every order for 3 full size pies this week – though availability as we rebuild stocks means that this is restricted to the following pie flavours only:

* Aussie Meat Pie
* Chicken Curry
* Chicken and Mushroom
* Steak Pie

And if you want to order Minis on their own then there is a 15% discount on them all this week.

To order any of our pies or under this special offer or  then just reply to this e-mail – or make your choices on our web-based order form here. No need to mention the gratis Minis, we will do this as a matter of course for all orders received thru’ Sunday next.

Santi xxx

*** Santi’s Premium Pies’ annual holidays – 8th/28th July ***

*** last orders Monday 6th July ***

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