A customer’s tale

feedbackCustomer feedback has been our principal guide from the start of business and the source of inspiration for what can be seen in our range today compared with the simple meat and chicken pies we offered at the beginning.

Yep, firmer crusts, the Hot to Trot trio of chicken and beef curry and rendang pies, cool bags and better vacuum packing, same or next day delivery to anywhere, and the recent entry of fruit, Guinness and Aussie meat pies – all driven by customer demand, and not by sitting in a darkened room thinking about what to offer next!!

We make a point to ask for feedback from every new customer 2 weeks after their first order …. and regular customers every three months or so. And that is just via e-mail, we also regularly meet many of our customers and ask face to face their opinions on all aspects of our pies, from taste to ordering to billing and delivery – feedback face to face is generally lengthy and vigorous!

The world we live in gets ever more frantic, with our bosses demanding ever more – and leisure distractions multiplying by the day. It is little surprise to us therefore that our inbox seldom bulges with feedback from e-mail requests, but it happens often enough to be vital in understanding where we are with our customers. However, we seldom get the kind of comprehensive feedback we received from one new customer last week, feedback that had us in fits of laughter and tears of joy in turn – and which we reproduce in full and unedited below.

Well it’s just been over a month since my order and all the pies went just over a week ago. So that’s an excellent recommendation. All the meat pies tasted very good. Defrosting them and then heating them up in our oven gave the best results, and the pastry was more crispy. Sometimes however we just couldn’t wait, so we defrosted them in the microwave and then cooked them in the microwave, the results were also very good.

We enjoyed the Aussie meat pie the best, the steak pie was a good second, both enjoyed by me, my Indonesian wife and my boy 19 and daughter 15 – my daughter particularly liked the mini pies, due to the serving being in line with her smaller eating habits. The steak and kidney pie was a favourite of mine, but not so for the others in the family, I think having kidney in a pie is an English tradition (where I am originally from) not an Indonesian tradition.

The pies arrived on time, excellent packing and still well frozen. Your delivery man was polite removing his shoes when he came indoors and helped me load the pies into the freezer. I paid him cash on delivery in line with the receipt that he gave me. This was very convenient.

The order came with a plasticised Product Guide in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, which I showed everyone and placed next to the microwave for reference. That was great.

microwave majorproblemMy wife obviously didn’t read it thoroughly (the instructions are clear enough) and put a pie in the microwave with the aluminium tray still on. I immediately stopped her, I thought she knew about this?. I then joked with my daughter that mammy just tried to burn the place down by putting a pie in the microwave with the aluminium tray still on. We laughed about this. Two weeks later on a Saturday I heard my daughter put on the microwave and then smelled a pie cooking. Then I smelled burning.

Unbelievable that she put a mini meat pie in the microwave also with the aluminium tray still on. Like mother like daughter. The kitchen was full of smoke and the microwave red hot. On opening the microwave door, a lot of smoke came out, this caused the smoke alarm to go off, which is linked to the apartment fire alarm system, bells started ringing and then 2 minutes later the Security staff (doing a good job) knocking on our door finding out what was happening. Some action for a quiet Saturday.

The pie was like a piece of charcoal, so got thrown away. I supervised the next one. Our microwave is made of STRONG stuff, after 16 years of use it still works great, good recommendation to the maker SHARP. We have had instances of a metal spoon being left inside – the plastic handle melted and some odd bits of foil that sometimes manages to get left on some food which sparks. Sometimes we get ready made macaroni or pasta, these seem to have a plastic wrapped base, with possible aluminium inside?, covered by the plastic, these seem to microwave OK by my wife, but I always take them off just in case, I think this is what confused her.

On the fruit pies, the apple pies were delicious, really good with vanilla ice cream as per your recommendation, but I would have preferred a thinner pastry. I have bought apple pies from other stores too and the pastry also seems to me to be too thick. From some establishment it is much too thick. The same thickness pastry seems to work well for the meat pies, but as mentioned above not so well for the apple pie. No one would own up to eating the cherry pie – it wasn’t me – so I can’t give you any feedback on that. LOL.

I would also like you to look at if possible to a bigger sized, dinner plate apple pie, that way it can be cut into several slices. This would have to be thawed out and then cut up, can be eaten cold. When I was a kid my mother in England used to make them, especially in the summer, there was a lot of big apple trees adjoining our back garden which was large, and on windy days when the apples were ripe they used to fall into our garden and I collected them. We called them “wind-falls” not stealing. Hahaha.

Many, many thanks to the author, and everybody else who has contributed to our learning.

We listen, we learn, we change and improve and move forward.

Santi xxx

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