A bachelor’s salvation?

As we constantly advise, the way to get one of our pies onto your plate in prime condition is to heat it from defrosted for 20-25 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180 celcius. Yep, you can do them in 12 minutes from frozen in a microwave to give you a hearty meal in a hurry, but the product is stodgy and not really what they are designed for.

For all those bachelors, and others, stuck in small apartments or even those in houses without an oven, and condemned to use a microwave, we have great news, there is help at hand!

Over the last couple of months we have had a succession of customers lauding something called an “Air Fryer” and eventually we decided to acquire one – and I have to say that we have been well impressed!

Phillips air fryer
Phillips air fryer
Oxone air fryer

Lazada has several different makes and the model we bought was an Oxone Professional Air Fryer Oxone OX-277  coming in at 1.7 million rupiah, rather cheaper than the Phillips HD9220 at 3.2 million and, while both come with a 2 year guarantee one imagines the Phillips guarantee to be worth rather more than a no-name brand like Oxone.

We chose the Oxone on the very sensible ground that it looks really cool!!

Not a lot more required beyond plugging the thing in before we were up and running with our first test, my husband’s favourite, a Beef Curry pie! From defrosted the Air Fryer needed 11-12 minutes – or 20-22 minutes from frozen. And no pre-heating required, just kick the thing off.

His opinion? At least as good as that coming out of the oven and, with a slightly crustier crust resulting, maybe even better!!

OxoneThe things are actually not designed for pies as you can probably guess from the Air Fryer name, but rather for cooking chips, chicken, steak and heaven knows what else in a way that incorporates perhaps only 10% the level of fat into the food itself compared to frying/deep frying. That is the claim anyway and sounds healthy

The Oxone will do up to four pies at a time (heating times increase !!) for those of you with a large and hungry family or visitors to feed. We can heartily recommend it as a pie warmer anyway; we have yet to try out its other talents.

We have an oven in the kitchen at home – but now use the Air Fryer for heating all our pies, there can be no higher recommendation!

Please let us know how you get on should you have one or acquire one.

Santi xxx

3 thoughts on “A bachelor’s salvation?

  1. I cook my pies from frozen in my Air Fryer and they are all great with the beef curry being the greatest. I don’t use my oven any more. Don

    1. Thank you Pak Don, we share your enthusiasm for the Air Fryer … and my husband agrees with you that the Beef Curry Pie is the greatest!

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