Foiled again

aluminium-foil-food-trayOne of the small irritations of life here at Premium Pie Towers is securing supplies of the humble aluminium foil trays in which you will find every one of our regular pies.

While I immediately swoop up all that I find. hardly a month goes by without stocks reaching crisis levels – and a couple of weeks ago we even had to stop production for two days for the want of them .

Yesterday, and with the kitchen once again on the point of idling, I was delighted to find 500 of the trays in Mayestik Market and had them at the check out counter within seconds so continued supplies are assured for a couple of weeks anyway. I was rather less joyful to find that the price was 1,200 rupah apiece, a 20% increase over the last six months ūüė¶

While the core inflation rate for Indonesia has been above 8% at times, the price of everything that goes into our pies has been increasing rather more quickly and after 9 months, yes you guessed it, we are having to increase the price of our pies by 2,500 across the board to at least partially cover this. Only slightly better news is that the prices will only go up next week, not this. The revised prices effective from 1st June are here Рold prices for orders received before then of course. We will hold these prices firm for the rest of the year unless KRISMON 2 makes an appearance.

Our claim is to provide great pies at a reasonable price and we hope and believe that even with this increase that we will continue to live up that boast.

Santi xxx

PS Much more interestingly our Curry Puffs are in the works, watch this space!!

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