Happy Birthday to us!!

Santi's birthdayThere are times when it seems like only yesterday, and others when it seems like we have been going forever!

Whatever the perception, the reality is that we have being providing quality pies to a mainly expatriate audience for exactly one year now.

With support from friends enthusiastic about my pies, we went about online marketing of our original English heritage pies of Steak, Steak and Kidney and Chicken and Mushroom on the first of May 2014.

In the middle of the year we introduced our Asian Fusion products of Beef Curry, Beef Rendang, and Chicken Curry to an enthusiastic reception from our growing customer base.

That customer base was mainly composed of Aussies, Brits and North Americans, in that order, so we were not entirely surprised to be pressed to produce an “Aussie Meat Pie” and we finally got that and our Guinness stock based pies into production early this year, once again to an enthusiastic reception. There is actually no such thing as “an” Aussie Meat, they vary greatly as we were to find out when researching however our take on it has been well received.

A couple of months ago, and once again in response to customer demand, we finally launched out fruit pie range of Apple, Blueberry and Cherry and they have all been selling well – and belying the notion that Expats are solely “meat eaters” 🙂

Along the way we have had tremendous support from our customers, both by their recommending us to their friends and in making suggestions for improvement of our products – the latter most noticeably in respect of a wish for a harder crust, a wish that was finally met in January with the introduction of our New Generation crust across our entire range of meat pies.

If we had a disappointment in our first year it was in our inability to produce Aussie style pasties of a consistently attractive appearance. The trials by some of our customers were a great success in regards to sheer taste, we were simply not able to make two of them look the same; we are taking a break but will return 😦

For the future we are indeed not standing still and, driven always by customer demand, we are planning to introduce a number of new products, with first in line being a Malaysian style curry puff which is currently in the works. Watch this space.

A word of thanks to the staff working in our kitchen and bringing those pies to you every day, they do a fine job, enjoy what they do – and are proud that they are bringing an Indonesian touch to the plates of so many foreigners. And not forgetting our “Rider” who managed 5 months without a day off until last week when he went down with a fever – he has done a great job of always getting the pies through in Jakarta traffic conditions that can only be described as “challenging”.

Finally, and most importantly, thank you all for your support during our first year, we would not even exist without you. We will of course have a special “1st Birthday” offer next week to offer thanks in a more material way!!

Santi xxx

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