Those survey results we promised!

Survey_resultsWe are not so naive as to take these results at face value for a number of reasons – firstly that response to the survey was around only 18% of our regular customer base – and also that people are, by and large, very kind and are reluctant to criticise unless they are really mad!!.

Nevertheless, we are encouraged by the results and where there was criticism and suggestions, and there was, then we have actions already in place to improve in those areas..

Particularly pleasing for us were the results on delivery performance, an area where it was all kept going with bubble gum and string for many months but which is an area that now works well with our own “Rider” and motorbike, and predictable same or next day delivery the new norm.

It has long been clear that our regular customers have their own favourites and we can almost predict the composition of an order by looking at who it is coming from. What is one man’s meat is not everybody else’s, however, as you will see from this graphic of your favourites taken from the same survey!

Survey by pie

So, rather reassuring that two of our original range can be found in first and second place!!

Our customers loyalty to their own favourites is evident from their largely ignoring our regular special offers – unless it happens to be in their own favourite area. Nevertheless we continue with special offers as they invariably also attract new customers anxious to try out a range of our pies at reasonable cost!!

Santi xxx

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