No need to panic!!

Apple PieDelighted to say that the reception to our newly launched apple pies has been fantastic with the family size (520g) quickly out of stock, and just a dozen of the regular size (300+grams) left. No need to panic however as we had another apple pie bake yesterday!

A couple of you have told us that your Mum used to sprinkle a little extra cinnamon on top of the pie apple pie filling before sealing and we listened to you and tried it out – and, yes, it is even tastier – we did this yesterday and will be doing so into the future. Thank you 🙂

The apple pie has been confirmed by many as just great eaten hot – and with vanilla ice cream – though several of you have reported them going well with custard too! Trust us, they are delicious eaten at room temperature as well.

As you will see from our updated price list, we have priced the regular size (enough for 2) at a very attractive 37,500 rupiah and the family size (520grams plus) at a bargain 55,000 rupiah.

cherriesPleased to tell you also that “Santi’s Cherry Pie” has passed through exhaustive user testing with flying colours. These are absolute taste bombs and should be available in the week commencing 16th March subject to satisfactory resolution of pricing with our potential cherry supplier.

As far as we are aware there is NO cherry production in Indonesia itself and consequently anything actually available is imported with predictably high pricing. Hopefully buying in 25kg lots will help some.

After Cherry will come Blueberry as we have identified a source for them. In case you ever wonder, we eat our avowed consumers of our own pies and love introducing new ones as we get to try them out first 🙂

As you may remember, we put the Beef Pasties on the back burner while we get the fruit pies up to speed. This has not put off a number of you who had tasted them – and wanted them even if not of the consistent shape we continue to work on. Thank you for your faith!

Our mainstream meat pie products, with the recent Aussie Meat Pie and Guinness additions, continue to be very well received and, in order to get more of you familiar with our Fruit Pie products, we are delighted to extend our special offer of a free regular “Santi’s Apple Pie” with every order for 6 or more of our regular pies – and two for every order of 12 or more.

delivery guyAs always, just drop us an email to tell us what you want – and we will deliver next day for orders received before 5pm – sometimes same day if early enough – but no guarantees!!

Santi xxx

PS always remember that oven is best, and microwave is very quick, it’s your choice

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