When you are in a hole …..

dig-holeReceived wisdom has it that, when you are in a hole, it’s best to stop digging. So it is that, despite rave reviews for the taste of both our newly developed pasties, our now prolonged inability to make even two of them look the same has meant we have stopped digging for now. We’ll be back.

Apple PieIn stark contrast, and in response to many customer requests, the kitchen lab has taken up its next project, fruit pies, with almost immediate success and “Santi’s Apple Pie” has been extremely well received by both our in-house “taster” and a small number of our customers.

Santi’s Apple Pie has US influences, is wonderfully juicy and has both cinnamon and nutmeg adding quite delicious taste to the top quality apples used.

Our bean counter has yet to work out the costings and arrive at a price but before that is done we are anxious to get our Apple Pie onto the plates of as many of our customers as possible. To this end we are adding a free-of-charge standard Apple Pie (300 grams) to every order this week for 6 or more of our regular pies and the family size Apple Pie (520 grams) to orders of 12 or more.

We do believe you will LOVE Santi’s Apple Pies – and anxiously await your feedback.

Santi xxx

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