Wonderful to meet !!

girlsMany thanks to all who, despite the appalling weather and traffic conditions during the day, came to our official new product launch last evening, it really was a lot of fun to see you all in one place, the cozy and welcoming surroundings of Murphy’s Irish Pub in Kemang

For me it was wonderful to meet so many of our existing customers, some for the first time, and of course quite a few new customers. Everyone I spoke to loved the new products and indeed the firmer base crust update on the existing range. Clearly winners!

crowd scene - bw

We also took the opportunity to introduce our brand new Beef Pastie and, if anything, that was to be the hit of the evening, with many anxious to make an order there and then! In fact the 20 we brought with us were the entire first mini production batch so it is going to be next week before we are able to offer them for delivery – and you might expect the Chicken Pastie the week after 🙂

Many thanks to Killian, Harry and all the staff at Murphy’s who, on a busy serving evening, made such a great job of preparing those pies the way they should be, in the oven, and getting them with all the trimmings onto the plates of all those there.

We took 140 pies and 20 pasties there and none went home (to our home at least), so well done to you all!!

Santi xxx

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