Xmas and New Year’s Eve now a fading memory …

Sort of glad all of that is all behind us though hope that like we did, you had a good one with family and friends.

We were not entirely relaxing throughout however, and we are now up to prototype #3 for our take on the Aussie Meat Pie. It is taking longer than we had hoped and expect at least two more iterations before we get it right. As soon as we do we will let you know, in the interim please hang in there!

Though all orders got though over the holiday period, a couple of them took rather longer than we would have hoped too – our delivery service protested being swamped under by Xmas orders, rather odd for a Moslem country! That was not to explain however why they went off the screen entirely on New Year’s Eve 🙂

While most have already settled on their favourite pies and order accordingly we wouldn’t like to deprive you of the opportunity to take advantage of our January Special Offer, something of a twist on our successful “Hot to Trot Trio” promotion of last year.

Happy to report that things are back to normal now, however, and next day delivery for orders received by 4pm re-established.

Also happy to report that we can now accept settlement via PayPal (and therefore Visa/Mastercard etc). We were encouraged to diversify our payment acceptance  methods by our delivery service no longer accepting COD unfortunately. Just let us know when you order if you would like to settle in this way.

As ever, just a reply to this e-mail is all that is needed to kick off the process of getting our pies onto your plate.

Happy New Year!

Santi xxx

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