An exciting 3 weeks

All, it has been an exciting 3 weeks for us since last we updated our blog

The reaction to our Hot to Trot Trio special offer has been amazing with many new customers joining us and, more importantly, being delighted with the Beef Curry, Beef Rendang and Chicken Curry offering that we put together, with two of them even sending us photos with accompanying messages telling us just how much they enjoyed them 🙂

While expatriates continue to be our core demographic, the Rendang pie in particular, while modified a little for Western tastes, has grown a significant following with the Indonesian community as well – and that makes us very proud!!

master logo Tee Set - 200 x 165Since the very start of our business we have had great support from arguably Jakarta’s premier Golf Society, Tee Set, and its hungry members.

We are delighted therefore to announce that we will be joining the sponsors of Tee Set’s major event of the year, the Tee Set Championship, to be held at Matoa Golf Club on the 30th November.

If you are a golfer and love pies then you will be happy to learn that we will be serving up our full range of pies at the Championship, both on the course and at the dinner afterwards. A great event with a quality Tee Set shirt and socks, goodie bag, prizes, door prizes, great food and enough liquid refreshment to float a ship as well as a round of golf!! – all for just 1 million rupiah. If you would like to join in the fun but are not yet signed up then you can still do that here as they still have about 20 playing slots open. This post has a form that will enable you to sign up.

We are regularly encouraged by our customers to introduce new pies and indeed our existing pies in new formats – and we respond, though not always as quickly as you would hope as we are constrained by our resource availability (code for I am very busy) as well as freezer space!

InflationTo add to the Hot to Trot Trio mentioned above and introduced over the last few months, we can now offer ALL our pie range in mini, midi and mega sizes to special order – as you can see from the full line up and pricing of our products with effect from 1st November, pricing affected by the seeming inexorable rise in the price of our major ingredients driven not least by the decline in the value of the rupiah.

We hate raising prices but take some consolation in that, pie for pie, we are still cheaper than our only significant competitor in Jakarta and this despite our pies being an average of 50% bigger at 265g plus – and of course 100% tastier:-)

Many thanks to all, we would be nothing without you and your support.

Santi xxx

PS We hope to have some further exciting new product news in our next post, including something very special to spoil you and yours with at Christmas, watch this space!!



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