Beef Rendang and deliveries this week

Customer reaction to the latest addition to our range, the Beef Rendang Pie, has been truly amazing with both our expatriate and our Indonesian customers taking to its fabulous blend of the iconic Rendang meat with the Western pie format – and there are already cries of “where is the Chicken Rendang?!?!?”

Lots of new customers signed up to try our “Hot to Trot Trio” of 2 each of our Beef Rendang, Beef Curry and Chicken Curry pies – 240,000 value for just 200,00 rupiah delivered to the usual places. We wouldn’t want to disappoint regular customers so the offer is now open to them for orders placed this week for delivery by 31st October.

The “Hot to Trot Trio“, our Beef Rendang and indeed the rest of our range are available for delivery this week, though in a rather truncated schedule due to the son and heir’s half-term holiday – and the need to get some sand under his feet for a day or two!

As ever, when we already have your details no more than a quick e-mail to order is required and we will sort everything out.

The schedule for this week only is as follows:


Back to normal next week!

Santi xxx

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