Something old, something new …

Three weeks since our last regular news post here, not least because of being very busy keeping those pies coming so, first up, some news of interest on our product line-up.

Healthily increasing sales have finally encouraged us to acquire further freezer space, something which allows us to widen our product range by bringing back chunky steak versions of both the Steak Pie and the Steak and Kidney pie – and one totally new product.

Really glad to be able to brink the chunky steak versions back; while they have been “off menu” for 3 months we have continued to make them to special order for a number of customers who love them – and some of our recent customers have added to that demand.


Expats who have been here for some time have almost certainly come across one of Indonesia’s most famous dishes, Rendang, and the extra freezer space we have available finally allows me to offer you my long-planned Beef Rendang Pie!

I have of course added a few of my own touches to the pie to make it more attractive to the western palate without damaging its appeal to an Indonesian audience. Smaller bite sizes of meat therefore, and meat moreover that has been rather more tenderised than is the tradition – and just a tad off the usual spiciness.

We are confident that the new pie will quickly develop a following and, to encourage you to try it, we will be adding a free of charge sample to all orders for delivery next week. No need to add it to your order, we will automatically do that for you.

delivery guy

Finally, and as your doubtless know, one of our biggest issues since we started has been delivery.

A small business trying to get their product into the hands of customers across a city the size of Jakarta has certainly been a challenge – especially as everyone, including us, hates delivery charges.

The situation on delivery is fluid and ever-changing, however, by concentrating on the central and southern areas favoured by expatriates, and delivering on the same day to area groups every week, we are managing to get by and meet the needs of most of our customers.

For deliveries outside the most favoured expatriate areas we will do the best we can and the larger the order the better in encouraging us to provide a decent delivery cost. We are also discussing same-day delivery of our products to those areas with a local courier service and first indications are positive. Watch this space.

Our own current delivery service is as follows:


The fastest way to get pies from our freezers to your plate is of course to pick-up from our place in Lebak Bulus – remember that drivers here spend 90% of their “working hours” sitting on their bottoms, so please don’t neglect it as an option!!

Thank you for your time and support as always.

Santi xxx




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