The potato pie is dead, long live the potato and broccoli pie!

broccoliWhen we opened for business all those months ago, we were determined to have a vegetarian offering in our line up, something we called the “Potato Pie” though perhaps it was poorly named as it had lots of broccoli in it as well as onion, cabbage and a little carrot and pepper.

In truth, it sold poorly compared to our other offerings and with our storage space rather limited we dropped it from the advertised line up, while continuing to sell it to the small number of our customers who loved the things.

Over time, word of mouth brought a few more customers for the product and, when we launched our “Introductory Value Pack” earlier in the month, we decided to include the renamed “Potato and Broccoli” pie when things went from strength to strength and we are new getting lots of repeat orders for our “Cinderella” product to the extent that it is now one of our top four best sellers!

We will be adding a free Potato and Broccoli pie to all orders received from our existing customers who have not previously tried the product until Saturday the 11th October – we would like to give you a chance at rectifying overlooking a quite delicious pie that meat eaters will appreciate just as much as vegetarians!

Long live the Potato and Broccoli Pie!!

Santi xxx

PS an announcement about our newest pie later in the week, a pie they said could not be done!!


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