I tried to swallow it

hot hot hotWe always like to hear about how our customers are appreciating our pies, or indeed otherwise and, truth to tell, we are not above prompting them to share their views with us, particularly on new products.

It was with tears in eyes therefore that we read this response to a promt to one of our oldest customers a few days after giving him a sample of our newly released Chicken Curry Pie for his expert assessment.

“Curry Pies have never floated my boat. I love both curry and pie but the two together have just never done it for me.

Anyway, by the time I got home last Wednesday I was a bit tipsy so I thought I’d give the curry pie a bash. To save time I microwaved it, which I don’t usually do, and did it for too long. By the time it came out it was too hot and the edges of the pastry had gone hard. I cut a bit off with my knife and fork, put it in my mouth, realised it was too hot and instead of spitting it out I tried to swallow it.

It got lodged in my throat and I had to run to the fridge to get some water to wash it down with. It was lodged in there for a good 15 seconds until I managed to wash it down. I finished the pie, being a bit more careful, really nice it was too, and went to bed.

I woke up next morning with a terrible sore throat and I originally thought I was coming down with something. It took me until lunch time to remember what I’d done and realise that I’d burnt the inside of my throat. Today is the first day whereby I’ve been able to swallow with no discomfort.

The moral of the story? – stick to traditionally flavoured pies!!!!”

We are not entirely convinced that the moral of the story is as stated, however, we are willing to stretch a point.

Anyone who has been in Indonesia for more than a few months will know the difference between “pedas” and “panas” and will therefore know that this was a “panas” issue and nothing to do with “pedas” – our curry pies are of course both pretty mild!

If you have any stories about our pies that you think deserve a wider audience then do let us know.

Santi xxx

PS I hope you caught one of our newest customers reflections on her early experience with our pies … thank you, Nadia!!

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