We have a new “baby”!!

We had always believed that our pies were a pretty generous serving, coming in at a guaranteed minimum weight of 265 grams – but between 280 and 290 grams in reality.

We were therefore rather surprised to receive a special order for bigger pies, pies which with the sample containers provided to us came in at a monster 480 grams and, if we are not mistaken, that’s a tad more than a pound in weight for these big boys if you still think in old money!


The Monsters we cooked were Chicken and Mushroom pies, but we will do them for any of our regular pie fillings by special order, though with a minimum order quantity of 6 per filling type. Prices range from 48,000 for the Potato and Broccoli pie up to 65,000 for our Curry Pies.

If you are a big eater then you might consider the, erm, large size option, same great taste just, erm, larger!!

Santi xxx


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