Another winner, Pet!

Java sea rigDelighted to let all our lovely customers know that today we secured our first major order for the Indonesian offshore oil and gas Industry.

A fantastic business development for us of course, though there is a little sadness in that we will not have the personal contact with all those guys offshore that we enjoy with you.

It is that personal contact that has made the development of the business such fun, a business where renewing friendships and forging new ones happens every day for us.

On the bright side is the picture in our mind’s eye of those guys out there far away from their kith and kin and for whom one of our pies will shortly become a special highlight to relieve what can be a monotonous and somewhat risky working environment existence..

We will also make sure that all those guys offshore get a Santi’s Premium Pie business card so that they can enjoy our products onshore as well as offshore 🙂

Thanks to everyone for helping us make it all happen, we truly could not have done it without you, especially the dozen or so kind folks who made it their personal business to make sure that word got out to their family, friends and colleagues about the taste and quality of what we were offering. After that they were hooked and the pies took over; word of mouth is the sincerest and most effective form of advertising available, we simply do not do paid advertising and will not.

Finally, our Chicken Curry Pie is now into production and available for delivery from Monday 1st September after significant taste testing by my “Head of Taste Testing”, an important but unpaid role, though we couldn’t bring ourselves to charge him for the pies, so he’s happy. His verdict? …. another winner, Pet!

Santi xxx

PS We have received a report from one of our very best customers that he had one of his pies stolen on Saturday in a bar not a million miles away from Rasuna Said, ironically the very bar where $2,500 in an envelope was left by an absent minded customer, a customer who was grateful to have it returned by the very honest staff to be there a few hours later and after it had already long been put in the safe and labelled with the customer’s name to await his return. The message? … don’t worry too much about your money when you are out and about in Jakarta – but do keep a very close eye on your Santi’s Premium Pies

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