An absolutely frantic two weeks

empty freezerWell, it has ben an absolutely frantic two weeks for us here at Santi’s Premium Pie Towers in Lebak Bulus.

It seems that everybody had cleared out their freezer stocks during our three-week holiday shutdown and were anxious to refill!!

We have been baking nearly every day since return to meet orders and regain reasonable stock levels, levels which were totally run down by the time we left for holiday.

Happy to say that customer reaction to our new offering, the beef curry pie, has been quite amazing with 170 gone out in a little less than 2 weeks and with many of those being reorders. If you haven’t tried one of our beef curry pies yet, don’t delay the pleasure too long!

Curry lovers will be delighted to hear that a Chicken Curry Pie is coming in the not too distant future, after our new freezer arrives to accomodate a widened range.

Other news is that our full range of pies are now offered, along with mash or chips, peas and gravy by Everest Cafe in Blok M – and that we had a very successful sampling session at a Jakarta All Stars pool team event at After Hours Poins Square last Saturday.

Today we delivered 120 pies to the Kuningan area in an 8 part multi-delivery that worked really well; almost everybody has an apartment building reception that can look after them until you return from work, or a pembantu at home to receive and put them in the freezer. Everything went very sweetly, with no failed deliveries and traffic quite bearable compared to the fraught 5pm Friday deliveries we have tried in the past, and will not be repeating in the future.

We shall be doing a similar run to the Kuningan area every Thursday from now on, taking in Kemang on the way. We hate delivery charges just as much as you and this helps us to avoid them.

Many thanks to all for the terrific support …. and please, enjoy our pies!

Santi xxx

PS we will be delivering to Tee Set on Sunday as usual

PPS we were so hard pushed over the last couple of weeks that at one stage even my son dragged himself away from Minecraft and volunteered to cut out the shapes for the tops of the pies (stars for curry pies as you will see); remarkably he cut out more than he messed up 🙂

Starry Tom


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