Product line rationalisation

During her well deserved (she tells us!) holiday Santi was thinking about how to rationalise the product line while recognising that even the slow sellers have their devoted fans.

The driving force is of course that we don’t want to keep pies sitting in our freezers for too long and also don’t want to be baking small batches in order to meet that low demand as that is really very time-consuming and inefficient.

In future therefore, and in an effort get more efficient while continuing to meet customer needs we will, while dropping the Potato Pie and the Steak Pie – chunky steak from the line up, continue to make one-off batches of either, given a minimum of three days notice and a minimum order of 6 pies.

Cherry pie

On the other hand we are of course keen to establish new  products that are popular with our customers and currently in the works are a Cherry Pie and a Chicken Pattie – watch this space!!

Santi xxx

Chicken Pattie

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