Back in business!!

Selamat_Hari_RayaSelamat  Hari Raya Idul Fitri – Mohon Maaf, Lahir dan Batin.

Pleased to report that the proprietor is safely returned from her 3 week review of the Turkish pie scene and spent last evening preparing the filling for today’s bake. In the absence of any assistance (missing in the kampung for another week of course) the range immediately on offer (from tomorrow) is restricted to Steak Pie – Minced and her new creation, the Curry Pie – a pie which has just passed the rigorous tests imposed by her experienced but unpaid QC manager.

The full range of pies will only be available from the middle of next week though of course you can order now for delivery then – or you can just order Steak Pie – Minced and/or Curry Pie for now!

Order here or just reply to this e-mail with the usual details. We can deliver free of charge in Blok M/Kemang on Friday evening – and of course at Tee Set @ Halim II on Sunday.

You may (or perhaps not) have noticed that the price of meat has gone through the roof recently in Rupiah terms and we have had no alternative to increasing the price of all our meat based pies to 37,500 Rupiah from 35,000. Chicken and Mushroom remains the same bargain 30,000 Rupiah as the price of chicken, while somewhat elevated right now, can be expected to return to pre-Ramadan levels pretty quickly.

For those with income in $/pounds/euros the continuing devaluation of the Rupiah against those currencies means that the price in the terms in which you think is reducing of course 🙂

Santi xxx

PS Turkish meat pies were a big disappointment with too many “too’s”, too much puff pastry, too little meat, too dry and too expensive, though the fruit pies, especially the apple, were very nice indeed and we are of course still planning to offer a fruit pie or two in the not too distant future.



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