A short break

On holidayHaving baked more than 700 of her pies since opening for business not so very long ago, Santi is taking a break with the family in the Turkish mountain air from 9th-24th July.

It has all been very hard work but made so worthwhile by the enormously positive feedback received from so many new friends and customers.

Some things planned by Santi have been left undone unfortunately due to having so far being unable to find a suitable extra helper, leaving her very much involved in the process of personally baking in all that love to so many pies.

The undone of course includes the promised whole wheat pie versions – and of course the much anticipated “beef curry pie”. Apologies for that – and a firm promise now made that both will be put firmly on the front burner shortly after return from holidays!

Also on the agenda upon return will be the establishment of stock points in both Mega-Kuningan and Blok M, an exciting development for us – and indeed our customers in those areas.

Santi is of course keen that you are  not left without her pies during her absence and will be doing a couple of final “big bakes” before departure – and any orders you might make between now and Wednesday 3rd July will be delivered before she leaves. Just drop us an e-mail or fill in the usual web form when all will be sorted.

Thanks you to everyone for your tremendous support and encouragement.

Santi xxx



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