Feedback, new lines and a discontinuation

Customer Satisfaction Survey Cartoon

We have now received a pleasingly strong response to our appeal for feedback on our pies. feedback which left us with the overall impression that we are in a good place – but can do better. Here are some highlights:

Customer Feedback

Many thanks to the many who have formally, and informally given us their feedback, it has encouraged us all here at Santi’s Premium Pies to move onwards and upwards!

Talking of moving on, we have received many suggestions as to how we could widen our range of pie products and these suggestions include all of Madras Curry, Pork, Beef and Onion, Steak and Cheese, Lamb and Rosemary, and Veal/Venison pies – and we were also to receive suggestions for Beef Sausage Rolls and Cornish Pasties – and for our products to be available in Wholemeal Wheat versions

We are keen to develop our range however, as a small operation, our capacity for doing this while keeping up with growing demand for the existing range is somewhat constrained by Santi’s time.

That said, the Madras Curry, Pork and Wholemeal Wheat version pies are now in advanced stages of development and should be available and in in the hands of a few pilot customers within a week or so. The others will take more time.

Finally a piece of unwelcome news regarding our Liver, Bacon and Onion Pie where Santi has really been unhappy with the quality of the liver she has been able to source locally; it really is too tough even after some intense remedial treatment with the pressure cooker – and the line is discontinued for the time being.

Sincere thanks for your support, we are quite literally nothing without it.

Santi xxx

PS just to confirm that ALL of our current pie range now comes with a puff pastry top as standard!



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