PieAfter some time in “soft production” meeting the needs of customers coming to us just by word of mouth, Santi’s Premium Pies are now online and available for a wider audience to enjoy their delicious taste and quality!

In case you were wondering “why, Santi’s Premium Pies?” we can tell you that every one of our pies uses nothing but the best ingredients  to overflowing, are to Santi’s own personal recipes – and with every batch personally overseen by Santi herself. We truly believe the “Premium” tag to be justified.

We present the following range of pies as we launch online but are pleased  to tell you that  the range will be expanding in the near future with #1 on the list being an “Aussie Meat Pie” with puff pastry and eatable from the hand!!

Pie Range

When you are ordering pies then you can use this form or, if it is all too complicated, just send an e-mail to us here.

We love to get feedback on our pies in an endless pursuit of perfection, do let us have any feedback you may have by dropping us  an e-mail.

Looking forward to serving you in the future, Santi xxx

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