We have moved!!

Yes, we have moved to new premises fit for the 21st century!!

If you are comfortable with the old site then please feel free to use our ordering page here.

Serving a sausage, Aussie style

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Here is some recent important and expert advice from Facebook on how a sausage should be presented and served when it comes off the barbie. It is how they roll Down Under and should be leaned by heart if you are a Pom or some other kind of foreigner and are invited to an Aussie BBQ. Aussies have etiquette too, it’s just different.

“… there is a very specific way in which the feed should be built. It must be on a slice of white bread that is so cheap that it sticks to the roof of your mouth, the sausage must be a real sausage and not a pale hot dog or Frankfurter imitation. It must be laid at slightly off kilter, corner to corner.

There are NO exceptions to these rules.

The only personal choice allowed is the selection of buttered or un-buttered white bread, and the addition of onions if you are uncouth. Sauces are limited to tomato or mustard. Ketchup is not to be allowed at ANY time.”

Now you know…

Happy 5th Birthday – to us!!

Yes, 1st May 2014, some 5 years ago, saw us enter the market for Expat comfort food in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, initially with a small range of just 5 very traditional and mostly English pies.

Since then our range of pies has been expanded to 18 flavours, from our roots in those traditional meat pies to our popular Asian fusion pies, on to those steady sellers our 5 fruit pie flavours and thence to our delicious Ready to Microwave raviolis. The recent addition of a small range of bacon and sausage products from Porkies Bali has served to increase our coverage of the comfort foods most prized by expatriates and we expect to finally round out our range this year with sausage rolls, curry puffs and home-made chips (crisps.) Watch this space!

We look forward to continue serving our customers by offering our range of quality products at very fair prices. Thank you to all of our customers for their support over the last 5 years, we look forward to continuing to serve you over the next 5 years – and longer.

Best regards from Santi and the (very small) team at Santi’s Premium Pies!!

Porkies Bali agency

Yes, Santi’s Premium Pies is proud to have been appointed Jakarta agent for the famous “Porkies Bali” – and at prices identical to those available to their own customers in Bali!! We offer same day delivery by Gojek from our own stocks of a range of Porkies Bali products to all of Jakarta and surrounding areas. These are our current offerings.

You can order any of these products by sending us an e-mail, WhatsApping us at
0813 1094 4496  or adding your requirement in our usual order form.

Happy 4th Birthday to us!!

Yes, it is our 4th Birthday today after four years of what can only be described as fun!

I have met so many good people, developed the pie and pasta products, delivered more than 2,000 orders, skilled up my staff, become a total expert in the Gojek App and berated my husband for getting invoices wrong occasionally – who could ask for more?!

There have of course been downsides, including badly behaved puff pastry, a 4kg batch of steak and kidney being left out overnight and having to be thrown away and, last but not least, the decimation of our customer base by the downturn in oil and metals prices two years or so ago.

One thing where we are pleased to say there has been NO downside is bad debts, with every one of those order being settled, the great majority on time and this despite most of them being on “transfer after delivery” terms.

So, thank you so much to all who have supported us over those four years, we hope to continue to serve you into the future.

Kind regards, Santi xxx

PS pies always go best with a little gravy!!

A small price rise

Sadly, and after two years with unchanged prices, we are forced to recognise economic reality and increase prices by an average of 3% and these increases apply from January 1st 2018 and are reflected in our revised price list.

Apple and Cherry sourcing prices are stable so the fruit pies and their crumble versions remain the same as do the Steak & Guinness. Newcomers Cottage Pie and the ready to eat Raviolis also remain as at their launch prices.

Apologies for this development, we just hope you will agree that our products remain great value in this market!!

Kind regards, Santi

Sticking with Aussie and high quality local beef


You may have heard that the Government has chosen, as a mitigation against the crazy beef prices we have experienced since before Ramadan, to import buffalo meat from non-foot and mouth affected areas of India.

Santi’s Premium Pies have however chosen to stick with Aussie and high quality local beef in all our products though, to cope with those crazy prices, we will be raising the price of our Steak and Steak and Kidney Pie products by 2,500 Rp. from next week onwards 😦

Beach bound …..

summerYep, Pie family vacation time coming up with last orders on 28th June for delivery on or before 1st July – and normal service resuming on the 24th July.

Might therefore very well be time to stock up if you are running short. You can order by sending us an e-mail or filling in the web order form here.

For those of you without a summer break this year, commiserations, for those headed to beach or mountain, enjoy, you deserve it!!